Commercial Pest Control Ajax

Contact Icon Pest for commercial pest control in Ajax. If you are looking for a team to provide friendly, professional, and efficient service, Icon Pest is here for you! No one wants to deal with pests, but sometimes you don’t have a choice! Leaving a minor problem often turns into something significant, which can cause your business to close down for an amount of time.

Contact the professional to help you remove the problem effectively and humanely. Take into consideration preventive measures to avoid future issues. Our 25 years of experience makes us a leader in the industry. Let us develop an elimination plan for your specific situation, including a prevention program.

Icon Pest experts keep your family safe by getting wild animals and insects away from your business. Working with us gives you peace of mind. Everyone needs one less thing to worry about in life. Prevention is an important step, but sometimes pests are often inevitable. Therefore, connecting with experts to identify, remove, and prevent their occurrence is vital to your success.

commercial pest control Ajax
Commercial pest control Ajax
Commercial Pest Control in Ajax

You don’t need the nuisance of pests in a business. Many seem harmless, but some are downright dangerous. Some carry diseases; others can bite or destroy wiring creating electrical problems. All pests give your business a bad name, quickly tarnishing its reputation.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the source of the problem. That is when you need to call in the experts. If you see a mouse running across the floor, you know you have a problem. But not all of these pests are visible. Sometimes they are hidden while still damaging your structure and facility.

The answer is always coming up with a practical approach and using the right products. Icon Pest has the tools and know-how to determine your business needs, whether you are dealing with annoying nuisances or life-threatening diseases. 


What are the different types of control measures?

Here are four options to consider when dealing with pests. Remember that a good plan involves various aspects to cover all bases. 

  1. Chemical: Sometimes, the job calls for the use of pesticides which produce fast results. Repellents and insecticides are two options. Yet, these toxins can be harmful to pets, humans, and the environment.
  2. Biological: This control uses living organisms to eliminate pest problems. These natural methods are environmentally friendly and work best on small infestations. Additionally, it often takes more time for them to be effective.
  3. Physical: There are specific measures you can take to change your commercial property space. See a list of preventative tips below.
  4. Cultural: Education is critical when getting a group of people to follow guidelines. Get your team on the same page by holding training workshops to create awareness around the problem.

What are the most common pests commercial properties deal with in Canada?

  • Ants and Carpenter ants
  • Insects such as fly, cockroach, and mosquito
  • Wasps and hornets
  • Bed bugs
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels 
  • Skunks
  • Groundhogs
  • Birds
    Commercial pest control Ajax

    Preventative Measures in Ajax

    Everyday practices used to prevent pests are essential. Creating an effective strategy with a pest control team makes the job easier. Although routine cleaning helps control issues, people can do other things to deter these animals from entering your facility.

    What can you do to protect your commercial property against pests? 

    Here is a list of things to do. Additionally, hire us to get these jobs done as soon as possible.

    • Install commercial grade wire mesh to keep pests out of spaces.
    • Add vent covers throughout your property.
    • Use caulking to seal any open holes.
    • Install metal flashing, also known as a drip edge, to seal your house from the outdoor shingles and gutters.
    • Discover and remove sources of water, food, and shelter.
    • Be sure garbage cans have tight-fitting lids.
    • Remove clutter, both indoors and outdoors.
    • Store all food in enclosed containers.

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