Commercial Pest Control Aurora

Are you looking for commercial pest control in Aurora? If so, Icon Pest is here to help you! Many pests, such as rodents, spiders, flies, cockroaches, and termites, can live in and around businesses. Some are harmless and only an annoyance, yet others are dangerous spreading diseases or biting humans. No one wants to share their workspace with pests.

When pests are around, getting professional help is the best option. Icon Pest has more than 25 years of experience and the best tools at hand to get the job done right. Our experts are knowledgeable about animal biology, so you know they get the job done humanely. They are well-trained, certified, experienced, and prepared to get their hands dirty, so you don’t have to!

The pest control industry is a $1.7 billion business that controls and exterminates all those unwanted wildlife and insects you may have around your commercial space. Its market is increasing faster than the overall economy in Canada. Icon Pest wants to help you. Our reputation of completing jobs on time while sticking to a budget is one reason you should call us today!

Commercial pest control barrie
Commercial pest control barrie
Commercial Pest Control in Aurora

No matter your issues, we are here to help. Maybe you have a bird, spider, rodent, termite, bed bug, skunk, cockroach, fly or another pest issue. No worries, Icon Pest can help with them all! We pride ourselves on using sustainable practices and a humane approach every time. We help you create a welcoming indoor or outdoor space for your clients and customers.

A pest outbreak can tarnish your business’s good reputation. Therefore, regular checks and visits from your local pest control company should always be on your to-do list. Choose Icon Pest since our team is responsible, effective, friendly, and provides cost-effective services.

There are many ways to limit the chance of having pests in your space. The easiest way is by doing a thorough cleaning inside and outside of your business. Keeping it clean is essential. Ensuring everyone is on the same page in your organization regarding cleanliness is critical.

When cleaning, pay attention to ceiling corners, storage spaces under bookcases, inside light fixtures, within clutter, and under furniture. Many pests look for protected, undisturbed areas, like cracks and crevices. They often live outdoors in eaves or vegetation. Icon Pest can come in and share its thoughts about your specific property when it comes to pests.

What Happens When You Call in Help?

Icon Pest is here to help. We walk our clients step by step through eliminating pests and preventing future infestations. If you already have a problem, there is no time to wait. Talk with a professional today. Here is how we figure out what to do in your specific situation.

  1. Identifying the issue: We recognize the pest problem, so you know what you are dealing with in your business. This identification process includes assessing the number of pests and how much damage they have done. Accepting that you have a problem and knowing the details is the first step.
  2. Developing a plan: Icon Pest shares guidelines for what action we can take to eliminate the problem. Together with our clients, we figure out the best method for their needs and budget.
  3. Preventing future issues: Our experts review your entire property, inside and out, to make a detailed plan to deter pests from returning in the future. This prevention can include sealing up cracks and openings, removing water, food and shelter sources, trimming back all vegetation close to the building, training employees on preventative measures, keeping dumpsters a safe distance away from facilities, and replacing ripped windows screens.
  4. Implementing the plan: Pest control may include a combination of cultural, physical, biological and chemical management tools to get rid of the problem. Our experienced experts go to your property to execute your final decision regarding pests.
  5. Monitoring the situation: Continued observation will allow experts to decide if they successfully completed the job or if additional measures need to occur to avoid future issues.
    Commercial pest control barrie

    Icon Pest Can Help in Aurora

    Do you need commercial pest help? Icon Pest offers same-day service, has a 100% warranty, and is award-winning. Don’t waste another moment if your pest problem is out of control. Call in the professionals. We are available to help you whenever needed!

    Get a free estimate here. Or call us at (647) 325 9060 If you are a first-time client, get 10% off any of our services!

    Icon Pest offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t happy to give you your money back. We deal with all commercial pest control in Aurora.

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