Commercial Pest Control Brampton

Are you looking for commercial pest control in Brampton ? When it comes to pest control, the main idea is to get rid of unwanted “guests!” There are commercial pest solutions for single-site and multi-site businesses. Pest experts can handle situations in a multitude of sectors. And Icon Pest has this wide range of experience needed in this industry. 

Icon Pest experts develop a tailor-made plan for your specific pest problem. No matter the pest, we find a permanent solution. We offer a dependable and effective treatment plan and pride ourselves on being reliable and prepared for all situations. Additionally, maintaining your property can prevent costly future issues.

We know you need to keep your business pest-free. For the past 25 years, Icon Pest has been handling commercial pest control in Brampton . Undoubtedly, minor pest concerns can turn into major problems quickly. Get help at the first sign of a problem. It is a business’s responsibility to provide a healthy and clean environment for its tenants and customers.

Commercial pest control Brampton
Commercial pest control Brampton
Commercial Pest Control in Brampton 

Businesses can’t close their doors for an extended amount of time. When a company has to close, it means it isn’t making money! Therefore commercial pest control usually has a quicker turnaround rate than residential work. The job needs to get done as quickly as possible to get the business back to generating revenue. 

Commercial buildings are all set up differently since different businesses have different needs. Due to the layout changes, each commercial job has to be planned out differently. For example, the differences between healthcare, schools, food service, and retail stores are vast. Creating a specialized plan is essential.

Commercial pest control focuses on preventive measures. Some businesses are more susceptible to pests and therefore need to take action before a problem occurs. Contacting the professionals at Icon Pest to talk prevention is critical to saving you time and money in the long run.

Most Common Pests in Commercial Properties

What are the most common pests commercial properties have to deal with every week? Read on to learn more.

  1. Rodents – Mice and rats are the most common invasive rodents. They both spread disease and chew through anything and everything. Be aware that chewing through wires can lead to electrical fires.
  2. Spiders – These pests are found in pipes, vents, and cracks and crevices. Their webs are also dust collectors and cause dust-borne allergies. Spiders lay eggs, and each sac can have up to 100 eggs on average. Yet some have 3,000 eggs! That many eggs hatching could cause real problems.
  3. Flies – Flies are attracted to garbage and are often found in break rooms. There are over 200 species of flies that are annoying and breeding sites to be addressed. Keep doors closed and install a fly light to limit the amount attracted to your space.
  4. Cockroaches -These pests are often found in kitchens and other areas containing food. They eat just about anything and contaminate everything they touch. They can quickly take over the property while transmitting disease. These pests trigger allergies and asthma in humans while having the ability to multiple super fast.
  5. Termites – Termites damage wood structs but eat away at them. They also destroy electrical wiring and furniture.
    Commercial pest control Brampton

    Let’s Talk Commercial Pest Prevention in Brampton 

    • Seal all openings and cracks with caulking so insects can’t enter the building.
    • Train employees on proper prevention tactics. Education is the best prevention.
    • Remove shelter, water, and food sources that pests are looking for in your space. Make sure garbage cans have tight-fitting tops. Put garbage in the proper containers.
    • Put door sweeps and weather stripping to close up gaps.
    • Replace ripped window screens.
    • Make sure dumpsters are at least 15 feet away from the building.
    • Trim all vegetation, so no branches or bushes are touching the exterior walls.
    • Ensure closets, pool areas, parking lots, kitchens, laundry rooms, and community rooms don’t have food.

    Choose Icon Pest for your Commercial Pest Services in Brampton 

    We want you to trust us to take care of all your pest issues. We train our reliable professionals in animal biology, and they have experience developing and implementing treatment plans.

    If you are looking for help, Icon Pest is ready! Icon Pest also has a 100% money-back guarantee; your satisfaction is our goal. 

    Contact us to get your free estimate today. Or connect with us at (647) 325 9060 If you are a first-time customer, get 10% off any of our services! Talk with us about all of your commercial pest control in Brampton !

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