Rat Removal in Scarborough

Rat Removal in Scarborough

The Importance of Quick Rat Removal in Scarborough

Quick rat removal in Scarborough is imperative because rats reproduce incredibly fast. While mice typically have five or six babies in a litter, rats reproduce even faster with three to fourteen in one litter. One rat will typically birth six litters a year, with female rats reaching sexual maturity at 4-5 weeks. This means an unchecked rat infestation can rapidly grow exponentially.

One rat nest typically contains 5-10 rats, and of course there can be multiple nests in one area. 

Rats can also be very aggressive and unlike mice, have been known to bite when confronted or scared. Rats can grow quite large and their bite is painful, sometimes causing a number of diseases. 

These diseases aren’t only spread by bite. They can be spread by urine and feces as well. Rats often travel using the same paths and spread their droppings along the trail. This means when they get into your food, their urine and feces come along with them. For these reasons and more it’s important to call Icon Pest for your rat removal in Scarborough, and fast.

Rat Removal in Scarborough
How Icon Pest Does Rat Removal in Scarborough

How Icon Pest Does Rat Removal in Scarborough

Step 1: Contact us for rat removal in Scarborough. We can schedule a service inspection within 24 hours and will provide you with a quick, no-obligation quote.

Step 2:  An expert from Icon Pest will thoroughly inspect your house, gardens, outdoor areas and any other location we suspect rats may be infesting. 

Step 3: Once the issue has been properly assessed, we identify locations where rats are breaking in. We seal any holes and cracks with screens and/or glue.

Step 4: Then we install traps and provide any needed treatments for safe rat removal in Scarborough  from your home or business.

Most Common Time for Rat Removal in Scarborough

As any good Canadian knows, it gets cold, and this is when rat removal in Scarborough becomes particularly necessary. Nearly half of all infestations occur in the fall. 

Once it starts to cool down, rats begin their search for a place to bunk for the winter months. They look for the same things that every other animal looks for—warmth, security, food and water. Your home is the perfect place to find food, build a nest and hide from predators, all in one place. 

While a rat infestation can occur any time of the year, it is particularly important to be on the lookout for signs of rat infestation in Scarborough from autumn to late winter. 

Most Common Time for Rat Removal in Scarborough
Why Not to DIY Rat Removal in Scarborough

Why Not to DIY Rat Removal in Scarborough

Just setting a few traps or laying down poison will not solve your problem with rat removal in Scarborough.

Rat removal comes down to a few basic things:

  1. Proper property assessment 
  2. Proper trap placement 
  3. Proper bait
  4. Proper sealing of entrance points

The key word is “proper”. Improper rat removal will only leave you with a larger problem down the road and most likely more money out of your pocket. Hire Icon Pest for your rat removal in Scarborough and get it done right the first time quickly, and at a reasonable cost.

Do Rats Spread Diseases?

We understand how distressing it can be to discover a need for rat removal in your home or business. On top of the sheer idea of rats being in your living space and the nuisances and damage they cause, these rodents also pose a real health threat to humans due to their ability to spread harmful or even deadly diseases, bacteria and viruses. Rats have been known to spread many diseases worldwide. 

Rats’ urine and fecal matter contaminate surfaces, food and even the air. Once dry, the fecal matter and any diseases or viruses it’s carrying can be breathed in. In addition, inhaling dust particles contaminated with rodent droppings and urine can transmit a disease known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. These droppings can remain infectious for up to a full week. 

Some of these diseases and viruses include:


Lassa Fever

Lymphocytic Chori-Meningitis




Lugo Hemorrhagic Fever

Sylvatic Typhus

Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever

Monkey Pox

Rat -Bite Fever

If you are at all worried that you may have contracted a disease that is caused by rats due to a rat infestation in your home, you should speak with a healthcare provider right away.

The best way to protect yourself and your family from disease is to keep rats out of your home and employ Icon Pest for proper rat removal in Scarborough.

Do Rats Spread Diseases?

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