Rat Removal in Toronto

Rat Removal in Toronto

Why Quick Rat Removal in Toronto is Important

Quick rat removal in Toronto is important due to just how fast rats reproduce. The average rat will produce around three to fourteen offspring in one litter. Female rats can reach sexual maturity in four to five weeks. This means that an unchecked infestation can grow exponentially.

Rats can grow very large and have painful bites that can lead to various diseases. Unlike mice, rats are known to bite when scared or confronted.

Besides being spread by bite, these diseases can also be transmitted through urine and feces. Rats often travel through the same routes passing their droppings along the way. This means that when they enter your food, they will likely bring their feces and urine with them. So call the experts at Icon Pest for fast and effective rat removal in Toronto.

Rat Removal in Toronto
Rat Infestation Can Cost You Big Without Proper Rat Removal in Toronto

Rat Infestation Can Cost You Big Without Proper Rat Removal in Toronto

Rats can cause extensive damage to your home and belongings in a very short time frame, which is why the cost of professional rat removal in Toronto is so worth it. Rats cause damage through:

  • Their teeth:
    Rats teeth are so strong that they can cut through materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, concrete and even steel. This means nothing in your home is safe from their destruction. They will chew on weatherstripping, vent covers, wires, and structural beams. Just image the damage that can be done if they chew through a water pipe to make way for their nest. They  will also chew on stored items in your home, causing the need to replace them.

    Rats have been known to chew through live wires, causing short circuits or even worse, sparking house fires. An estimated 20-25 percent of fires from unknown origin are caused by rodents.

    The holes they create can even be used by other pests, further worsening your infestation problem.

  • Their claws
    Rats use their claws to dig up insulation and other materials for their nests. Rats will scratch at furniture or other fabrics, causing extensive damage to your belongings. You may even find claw markings on your walls. Using their claws they can climb walls and other areas to further spread disease and fecal matter. Rats can also spread disease by scratching your skin.

  • Their droppings
    Rat feces and urine can contain a number of infectious diseases and viruses harmful to humans or your beloved pets. People can become infected when they eat food that has been contaminated by the rats, or touch rat urine or feces or come in contact with their nesting materials and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth. These droppings can remain infections for around a week and can even cause allergic reactions in some people.

    Furthermore, once dry, the fecal matter and any diseases or viruses it’s carrying can even be breathed in, one reason it is particularly harmful if your infestation is in your ventilation system.

    With enough time, rat urine can build up and cause what will appear to be water damage in your walls or ceiling. 


Keep your family, your home, and your pets safe by calling Icon Pest for your rat removal in Toronto.

Signs You May Need Rat Removal in Toronto

It’s important to know when to call Icon Pest for rat removal in Toronto. When in doubt, give us a call, but there are some signs you can look for:

  • Scratching or scampering sounds
    Especially at night, rats will scurry across your floors, climb walls or run around the ceilings. It’s hard to miss these distinctive sounds.

  • Pungent Smell
    Rat urine has a distinct smell of ammonia. It’s quite possible you will smell urine before you actually see it.

  • Droppings
    Rat feces look like dark grains of rice. You’ll often notice them in your kitchen first.

  • Damage
    Rats cause all kinds of damage to your home and belongings. While looking for food and building their nests, rats will gnaw and claw at materials in your home like papers, furniture, carpet, boxes, plastic items, just to name a few. But also be on the lookout for more extensive damage like chewed wiring, drywall, ceilings or other structural damage.

If you do notice any of these common signs of rats, call Icon Pest to inspect your home or business and offer effective treatment options for rat removal in Toronto.

Signs You May Need Rat Removal in Toronto
Why Rat Removal in Toronto is Better Than Extermination

Why Rat Removal in Toronto is Better Than Extermination

Pest control companies mostly rely on extermination techniques and the use of poisons for rat removal in Toronto. This technique does not suit all situations and all clients, and it’s our belief that it’s really never necessary. Our pest control experts diagnose your rat infestation, track and determine the level of infestation and develop customized, humane and eco-friendly solutions to fit your unique situation, budget and needs.

We do not recommend the use of poisons and harsh chemicals to kill rats in your home. Having a rat infestation is problem enough, but with the use of poison, if you do not remove all the rodent carcasses from your home, a foul and unpleasant smell will emerge and you’ll just have a second problem to deal with.

Before you make a decision on the treatment plan that is right for you, call Icon Pest to learn about our ideal options for rat removal in Toronto.

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