Dead Animal Removal in Alliston

Dead Animal Removal in Alliston

Have a dead animal in your home, office, or on your property? The Humane Society, SPCA or Wildlife Centre will not help to remove dead animals from private properties. You need a wildlife removal company like Icon Pest. We have the proper knowledge and expertise to provide dead animal removal as well as dead animal pick-up service from private properties.

Dealing with a dead animal on your own can be challenging and risky and should only be handled by experts. When experiencing such a problem, you should quickly call a professional, like Icon Pest. But there are many things that you should take into consideration before hiring any professional services. Check our Icon Pest’s customer reviews and years of experience, and ask about our success rate.  

How much does it cost to remove a dead animal in Alliston?

The cost of removing a dead animal from your property depends on various factors such as what animal it is, what process is required and the size and shape of the attic, wall or basement where the carcass is present. Contact Icon Pest for more detailed information today!

Dead Animal Removal in Alliston
The Risk of Dead Animals

The Risk of Dead Animals

Icon Pest control responds quickly to client calls so you can start living a dead animal-free life. We have over twenty-five years of experience in dead animals, pest control and wildlife removal. Icon Pest ensures your home is 100% wildlife-proof against any future animal entry. First-time customers receive 10% off any of our services.

  • Dead animal remains emit an unpleasant smell, and this odour only gets stronger over time.
  • The remains of a dead animal can wreak havoc on the atmosphere of your home or business.
  • Any contact with the remains of a dead animal can infect you with a deadly disease.
  • If you do not dispose of the dead animal, the foul odour caused by the carcass may become impossible to remove.
  • Dead animals, such as rats, carry and spread diseases like hantavirus, plague, leptospirosis, typhus, and others.
  • Children frequently wander to places that no one else visits. These are also places where dead animal remains can infect your children with diseases without your knowledge.

Call Icon Pest to remove dead animals from your property in Alliston today!

Why Hire Icon Pest Control for Dead Animal Removal in Alliston?

Our technicians at Icon Pest are well-trained to assist you with the best and most effective dead animal removal in Alliston. We have access to the right tools and equipment to effectively help you find a long-term solution to keep your property dead animal-free. 


  1. Is it possible for me to remove the dead animal on my own?

Answer: Maybe. We highly recommend hiring professionals with extensive experience in the field and performing the functions correctly without causing any harm or damage.

  1. Does Icon Pest sanitize the area after clearing the dead animal?

Answer: Yes, we sanitize the area where the animal died to ensure that nothing is left behind and that the place is free of dirt, germs, and foul smell caused by the carcass.

  1. Is Icon Pest a licensed pest control business?

Answer: Yes, Icon Pest is a certified, insured, and licensed Canadian pest control company. Our services are widely accepted and recommended and meet global safety standards.

  1. What if we require your services on the weekends?

Answer: Our dead animal removal services are available at all hours of the day and night and on weekends. We also offer emergency and same-day dead animal removal to make things easier for you.

  1. What should I do if I come home to find a dead animal?

Answer: You should avoid physical contact with the dead animal’s remains. The following step is to contact us for professional dead animal removal and sanitization.

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We also offer bat removal, raccoon removal, groundhog removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, and dead animal removal.

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Why Hire Icon Pest Control for Dead Animal Removal in Alliston?
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