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Mice Exterminator Toronto – Mice Control Greater Toronto Area

Mice can make people scream and rush out of the room. Just like rats, mice too can contaminate food and they can gnaw and chew plastic, paper, wood, and other hard materials. If you see food packages chewed, it is a sign that you may be having a mice infestation and you require a mice exterminator in Toronto.

Mice Exterminator Toronto, Thornhill – Mice removal North York, Scarborough, Richmond Hill. Thankfully, you can rely on us for optimal rodent removal in Toronto and the Greater Toronto region. Once you call and fix an appointment with us, we will be there within 24 hours to check your property. It will help us determine the entry points that the rodents use. We seal these holes using strong glue and a screen. We even place baits and traps to strategically trap mice and dispose of them in a humane way.

Effective measures to block them so that the rats can no longer enter inside. Our rat exterminators in Toronto and the Greater Toronto region are highly effective and successful.

Mice removal
Why Do Mice Invade Properties?

Whether it is a home or office, mice will come when they can smell food. Usually, mice do not venture far from their nest and are usually secretive and nocturnal. So, if you spot a mouse in your home or office, you can be certain that you have a mice infestation and you need the best mice control in Toronto.

The main reason mice come into buildings is for foraging and nesting. If you hear scurrying noises around your home, in the basement or in the drywall, it is time to call the experts at Icon Pests. Until we get there, we suggest you keep all food sealed and secure. Also, lock-up cabinets and cupboards where you store food.


  • Mice/Rat (Rodent control) with 30 Days warranty $189.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat (Rodent control) with 100 Days warranty $249.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat (Rodent control) with 1 Year warranty (3 visits/year)  $395.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat (Rodent Control) Exterior Rodent control with 6 Month warranty once a month visit $450.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat (Rodent Control) Exterior Rodent control with 6 Month warranty with every other month visit $375.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat exclusion (Secure / Seal) entry spots (make a house Rodent proof) price after inspection
  • We offer pest control and wildlife removal inspection only with $85/ inspection fee
Eco-friendly Mice Control in Toronto

We believe that mice should be removed in an environment-friendly manner. We do not advocate using poison, as the mice may die into a place where you cannot reach it and as a result, it will cause an unbearable stench in your home. It is best to call the professionals at Icon Pest, who have the right knowledge, tools, and expertise to offer you exceptional rodent control in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area.

As stated earlier, we begin with thoroughly inspecting the building from the outside and inside. It enables us to find the entry points and take remedial measures. Mice control in Toronto requires the right knowledge, as rodents are smart and will find new ways to enter your home or office. So, we often suggest that you repeat mice removal every six months.

Why Icon Pest?
  • We offer reliable pest control and wildlife removal services for mice, raccoons, birds, plus many more animals. 
  • We provide residential and commercial services across the GTA. 
  • We come up with budget friendly solutions and treatment plans. 
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Mice can even live in the garden or your barn. So, it is not enough removing them from inside your home or office. We inspect the garden and any other structure close to your property to ensure you enjoy complete mice removal in Toronto.

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