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If you are dealing with an ant problem, don’t wait any longer – call us today and let our experienced technicians take care of it for you! We offer fast and reliable service for a safe and pest-free home.

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Looking for an ant exterminator service in Toronto/GTA? At Icon Pest, we take pride in offering humane ant removal services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto region. We are experts in ant removal regardless of the species invading your home or workplace

Ant Removal Toronto, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Thornhill, Woodbridge, New Market, North York, Scarborough. We realize that ants can be very invasive, but you need to act right away so that you can prevent your home, office, or commercial space from damage that these pests can wreak. If you ignore ant removal in Toronto, before you know it these critters will build huge nests and you will have to contend with enormous ant colonies.

It is time to get your home or workplace ant-free with the help of Icon Pest. Our experts have the knowledge of different species of ants and their specific behaviour and have the right tools at their disposal to carry out seamless and effective ant termination in Toronto. Whether it is the odorous ant, carpenter ant or pavement ant, you can rest assured knowing that Icon Pest has your back. We will help you regain control over your home or office without any hassle through our smart ant elimination techniques in Toronto.

Ant Removal Company
Ant Removal Company
The following list are ants that may be found in Ontario:
  • Carpenter Ants
  • European Fire Ant (Myrmica rubra)
  • Crazy Ant (Paratrrechina longicornis)
  • Field Ant (Formica spp.)
  • Honey Ant (Prenolepis impairs)
  • Large Yellow Ant (Acanthomyops interjectus)
  • Odorous House Ant (Tapinoma sessile)
  • Acrobat Ant (Crematogaster spp.)
  • Little Black Ant (Monomorium minimum)
  • Thief Ant (Solenopsis molesta)
  • Pharaoh Ant (Monomorium pharaonis)
  • Pavement Ant (Tetramorium caespitum)
  • Ghost Ant (Tapinomona melancephalum)
Check for Ant Infestation

Ants can be a year-round menace, but seeing one or two ants around your home or office does not necessarily mean an infestation. If you want to know you have an ant problem, you would have to look for these critters. They can also stay unseen behind insulation, within the walls, and under the floor.

Check around the windows and doors, heaters, hot water pipes, and near cables. You will find signs that will warn you that you have an ant problem on your hands. In the garden, ants tend to favour hardwood trees.

If you feel you have an ant problem, don’t try to remove the ants on your own. The fact that ants live in colonies makes them tough to eliminate. Also, ants tend to multiply very quickly.

Ant Control and Ant Removal Service in Toronto (GTA)

You will never know the size of the ant infestation. The few ants that you see lurking in your home are just the tip of the iceberg. Invariably, ant colonies are huge and there could be thousands and thousands of ants living in your home or garden.

Do not ignore ants as they can contaminate your food. You don’t know where ants have been before crawling all over your food, leading to contamination. Getting bitten by ants that inhabit Toronto and Greater Toronto region is not life-threatening. However, the bites will itch quite a bit and cause you discomfort. Also, the presence of ants in your office premises can be damaging to your reputation, especially if you are in a food-related business.

Your home or office is your domain and you should not settle to live with ants. Instead, call Icon Pest for prompt ant removal.

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