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Groundhog Removal

Icon Pest provides Groundhog (also known as Woodchucks) removal services at an affordable price. We understand that the population of Groundhogs in the Greater Toronto Area has increased in recent years. Trees planted after a new construction are the favored trees to Groundhogs, ensuring Groundhogs thrive in well-developed areas. The most common Groundhog complaints are a large burrow near a home or office, a large den under a deck, or garden and landscape destruction. Groundhogs are diggers. When a groundhog digs under a house or patio, the foundation can be compromised. 

How Do We Remove Groundhogs

Icon Pest always creates a custom plan to remove your unwanted Groundhogs. 

The best method of Groundhog elimination is trapping the animal and removal. If you simply fill in the entrances of a Groundhog’s burrow, and they will dig themselves out again. Using poison is not the preferred method of Groundhog removal because there are no Groundhog specific toxins. Using a general poison can kill other helpful yard critters and be harmful to humans.

Icon Pest prefers to trap and release Groundhogs.


Step 1: Inspect your home, office, or structure at the ground level, and find all the entry holes, which can be difficult and must be thorough.

Step 2: Before setting traps, our option is to set up an exclusion barrier, such as a steel screen, around the entire perimeter while leaving just one opening open.

Step 3: Install a one-way exclusion door on the opening or cage traps.

Step 4: Be sure no baby groundhogs can exit. If not, if they are too small, they must be removed by hand.

Step 5: Relocate the animals at least 5 miles from the capture site.

Step 6: Once all the groundhogs are out, seal the last open area shut.

If you leave a Groundhog burrow open after removal, another Groundhog, fox, skunk, squirrel family is likely to move it, and the other problems begin.

Why choose us to help you with groundhog removal?

Groundhogs are rodents, and adults can weigh 8 – 10 pounds. Every spring, they give birth to 3 – 6 baby groundhogs. They are well-adapted for digging large homes (called burrows) for themselves and their families. These extensive Groundhog burrows can undermine your home, office, porch, or shed’s foundation. At Icon Pest, we provide safe yet humane removal of Groundhogs in GTA. Our professionals offer quality and effective pest control services for residential as well as commercial locations.

This way, in a step-by-step manner, we see that all Groundhog-related issues and concerns are addressed in a considerate and supportive way. Our experts are well-trained, certified, and experienced. They also have good knowledge about Groundhog biology, so you can put your worries to rest as soon as you give us a call knowing that your Groundhog woes are going to end once and for all.

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Benefits to hiring a groundhog removal company


  • Liability: We recommend that you hire a professional company to help you with groundhog removal. Groundhogs can carry parasites and can harbour diseases that fleas and ticks can transmit.


  • Humane Removal: When it comes to trapping, setting the device, and handling the Groundhog is best suited for professionals. There are several Do It Yourself articles to get rid of Groundhogs. The most reliable method to remove a Groundhog for good is trapping and releasing.


  • Safety: Groundhogs are diggers, so they have curved, thick claws and herbivores, so they have large incisors. When threatened, they are extremely protective of their burrows and babies.


  • Saves You Time: Groundhog burrows have at least two and up to five entrances. Each burrow system can be extensive, with multiple chambers and up to 100 feet in length. If you do happen to catch them outside of their burrow, groundhogs are also fantastic climbers and will scale trees to escape and retreat.


  • Prevent Return: When relocating groundhogs, they need to be moved at least 5 miles from the Groundhog’s burrow to discourage it from returning.


At Icon Pest, we are a dedicated and full-service Groundhog removal that offers viable solutions to Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. No matter what kind of assistance you need, our professionals work to ensure all of your issues are put to rest in a quick, humane, and efficient way when it comes to Groundhogs.


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