Raccoon Removal

Icon Pest provides raccoon removal services at an affordable and reasonable price. We understand that the population of raccoons in the GTA has increased in recent years. So if you think a raccoon has gotten inside your home, give us a call today for a free estimate.

How can Icon Pest help remove raccoons from your home?

We will inspect your property and locate any potential entry and exit points. Our experts know how to remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, and other areas of your house or business. We will take care of any and all pest problems you may have in an efficient, ethical manner.

Why are there so many raccoons?

Raccoons are smart and intelligent. They are related to the rat family and are rodents. Due to urban development, wildlife has fewer wide areas to roam around freely. There also aren’t many natural predators that prey on raccoons in the Greater Toronto Area.

They tend to breed around the spring and summer months. When a raccoon gives birth, they have approximately 6-8 babies at a time. What is more, raccoons are able to make their way into containers like trash cans or bins, as well as get into cabinets or refrigerators. They love feeding on different kinds of food. All of this being said, you need not worry too much because the professionals at Icon Pest provides budget-friendly raccoon removal services.

Where do raccoons typically stay?

They can be found in the following places:

  1. Attics
  2. Chimneys 
  3. Garages 
  4. Trash bins

For raccoon removal services in, call us at Icon Pest as soon as you suspect there are raccoons in your home. Besides, they have strong nails that lets them tear and damage wires, pipes, and other obstacles in their way. In addition to the damage they can cause, they carry diseases, especially in their feces. 

We provide a safe yet humane removal of raccoons in. Our professionals have experience dealing with wildlife in homes and offices.

Contact us today for more information. 

If you have questions about our raccoon removal services in the GTA, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call at 647-325-9060 or send an email to info@iconpest.ca. We understand that emergencies can happen at all hours. We can give you a free quote, and you can book an appointment with Icon Pest at a time that suits you best.

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