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Professional raccoon removal will put an end to the noises in your attic. Contact us today and be on your way to enjoying a safe and peaceful home for years to come.

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Raccoons invading your property? Don’t panic! Act fast and arrange for Icon Pest to help you deal with the problem humanely and quickly.

Icon Pest provides raccoon removal services at an affordable and reasonable price. We understand that the population of raccoons in the GTA has increased in recent years. So if you think a raccoon has gotten inside your home, give us a call today for a free estimate.

How can Icon Pest help remove raccoons from your home?

We will inspect your property and locate any potential entry and exit points. Our experts know how to remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, and other areas of your house or business. We will take care of any and all pest problems you may have in an efficient, ethical manner.


–   EXPERTISE: We have thorough experience with wildlife removal and pest control in the GTA.

–   FLEXIBILITY: Whether you are in a home or office setting, we are ready for different kinds of spaces raccoons invade and occupy. We are always accommodating and can set forth a plan for dealing with pests that suits you.

–   COMMUNICATION: Our technicians can give recommendations and answer any questions you have.

–   SKILL: Our staff have the right tools and supplies to get the job done quickly, with the skills to match.

–   SAFETY FIRST: Our technicians are well protected, and we also make the safety of our customers a number one priority.


Raccoons are smart and intelligent. They are related to the rat family and are rodents. Due to urban development, wildlife has fewer wide areas to roam around freely. There also aren’t many natural predators that prey on raccoons in the Greater Toronto Area.

They tend to breed around the spring and summer months. When a raccoon gives birth, they have approximately 6-8 babies at a time. What’s more, raccoons are able to make their way into containers like trash cans or bins, as well as get into cabinets or refrigerators if left for long enough. But don’t fret, because Icon Pest can rectify the problem quickly and humanely. Place your trust in us to come up with the solutions and quick implementation of a plan for removing every last raccoon that is invading your home or property.


They can be found in the following places:

  1. Attics
  2. Chimneys 
  3. Garages 
  4. Trash bins
  5. And much more!

They have been known to damage decks, lawns, sheds and more as they seek places to burrow or grubs to eat.

For raccoon removal services, call us at Icon Pest as soon as you suspect there are raccoons in your home. Strange noises at night smell and damage to the property can indicate this. Our professionals have experience dealing with wildlife in homes and offices and can address a range of situations that arise from raccoon infestations.


Yes, in the right circumstances they can be a serious threat to your home and health. 

Don’t panic, though: it is highly unlikely the raccoons will attack you or your loved ones. They are typically quite shy and don’t like confrontation, which can mean you need to pay attention to the signs that they may be about. They are usually more active at dawn and dusk. That being said, rabid or threatened raccoons may attack if provoked, so it’s best to avoid the situation and have them removed swiftly. 

Raccoons can carry disease, such as:

–   rabies

–   distemper

–   parasites

These diseases can and may be transmitted to humans. Raccoon excrement and bites can transmit these diseases, and the longer you wait to fix the problem, the more mess that will accumulate and you up to your chances of coming across one in person.

What about being harmful to your property? This is also a big concern for homeowners.


Raccoons can damage the structure and components of your home, like:

–   holes in your roof in ceiling

–   electrical lines destroyed 

–   insulation displaced

–   leaks

They can damage the integrity of decks and sheds, as well as ruin gardens and lawns searching for grubs. The swift and humane removal of these pests is the only effective way to avoid any situations that could cause these kinds of harm. Act quickly and hire a professional service like Icon Pest.


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