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Our Bat Removal Services

If you are looking for help with bat removal at your business or home, contact Icon Pest. We are here to get rid of one bat or even a colony if needed all over Ontario. There are over 1,000 types of bats worldwide, and they represent more than 20% of the mammal species found globally. Knowing this information shows how bat removal could be something you will have to deal with at some point.

It is best to hire professionals when it comes to bat removal. Bats often freak people out. No one wants to find bats roosting (living) in their house or business. With bats, the general filth and annoyance associated with these mammals are the reasons why you need to remove them from your premises as soon as possible.

Bats have a bad rap for being known to drink blood. But in reality, they usually feed on insects. And if you have bats flying around your house, it doesn’t mean it is haunted. It just means you need to remove them. Bats, like people, want to meet their needs, which are fresh water, food, and shelter. 

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Icon Pest helps clients in many cities such as Richmond Hill, Brampton, Etobicoke, Concord, Markham, North York, Newmarket, Scarborough, and more. Our team looks forward to helping you remove bats from your commercial property or residence. In Ontario, bats are most active in the early fall, so this is an ideal time to remove them. We shouldn’t remove bats during stormy weather or in the middle of winter. Additionally, it is also not advised to remove them during their maternity season, from mid-June to the start of August. 

At Icon Pest, we offer competitive rates depending on the type of removal you need. There are varying degrees when it comes to infestations. Our experts assess your issue by inspecting your property and then come up with a specialized removal plan.

Bat Removal Services
Bat Removal
What to Do if You Suspect You Need Bat Removal?

Once you confirm that you indeed have a bat problem, then you need to contact Icon Pest. Here are the things to look for to figure out if bats are roosting in your space.

  1. Do you see bats hanging in your house? The following are the places they like to hang the most.
      1. open spaces in wooden frames
      2. brick walls
      3. wooden beams
      4. roofs
      5. crawl spaces
      6. attic
      7. chimney
  2. Look for signs of bats around prime hanging areas. If you don’t see any live bats, you can tell if they are around by looking for their guano (droppings), which are black or dark brown and range from 4 to 8 mm in length. This type of feces contains high amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous. 
  3. Urine-stained walls are common when you have a bat infestation.
  4. You hear random scratching and squeaking sounds.
  5. Bats are seen flying around the outside of your building/house.
  6. There is a strong smell of ammonia (what their excrement odour can be compared to).
Types of Bats in Ontario
    • silver-haired bat
    • eastern red bat
    • tricolored bat
    • little brown myotis bat
    • hoary bat
    • big brown bat
    • eastern small-footed myotis
    • northern long-eared myotis

Humane Bat Removal

Bats are not ‘bad’ creatures. The law protects bats in Canada; you can’t kill them. Even if several species of bats are living in your house, it is illegal to kill them! Using mesh or screening allows them to leave peacefully.

Bats usually hibernate from October to March, and they are most active during the early fall. Bats are insectivores and can live a long life of 30 years. In addition, Some species of bats are endangered species. 

Why Choose Icon Pest?

Icon Pest responds quickly to client calls because we know that you need to live a bat-free life. With over twenty-five years of experience in pest control and wildlife removal, Icon Pest ensures that you bat-proof your home, so there is no future bat entry. All first-time customers receive 10% off any of our services. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed;

Icon Pest is ready to share its expertise and skills with its clients. We have all the tools to complete the job successfully. We accommodate your needs so that you can continue living your life. Leave the bat removal to us! Our technicians are knowledgeable, and their goal is to communicate clearly with you, getting rid of the problem, and taking the e steps to ensure you will have no future issues,

Call us at (647) 325 9060 or email us at today to get a free estimate. If it is time to tackle your bat infestation, we may be able to offer same-day service.

Humane Bat Removal

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