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Carpenter Ants Removal in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Icon Pest provides pest control and wildlife removal services in the GTA. We serve clients in many cities such as Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Scarborough, North York, and more. Our team  will be more than happy to help you remove carpenter ants from your residential or commercial property.

Do I have an ant infestation in my home?

Ants can be an issue all year long, so keep an eye out for them. Carpenter ants typically build their nests in damp spaces. As such, look around areas with moisture such as doors and windows along with places near water sources like your kitchen and bathroom. If you suspect you have carpenter ants inside or outside your house, call a professional pest control company. Since ants live in nests and build colonies, it can be difficult to remove them all by yourself.

Carpenter ants are just one type of species you may find in Toronto, Ontario. Other ants you might see are field ants, honey ants, little black ants, ghost ants, and many more. If you see a lot of ants inside us outside your residence, call us as soon as possible. After all, ants are social creatures, so if you spot a group of them, you may have an ant infestation that can get worse if not treated properly.

Carpenter Ant Removal
The following list are ants that may be found in Ontario:
  • Carpenter Ants
  • European Fire Ant (Myrmica rubra)
  • Crazy Ant (Paratrrechina longicornis)
  • Field Ant (Formica spp.)
  • Honey Ant (Prenolepis impairs)
  • Large Yellow Ant (Acanthomyops interjectus)
  • Odorous House Ant (Tapinoma sessile)
  • Acrobat Ant (Crematogaster spp.)
  • Little Black Ant (Monomorium minimum)
  • Thief Ant (Solenopsis molesta)
  • Pharaoh Ant (Monomorium pharaonis)
  • Pavement Ant (Tetramorium caespitum)
  • Ghost Ant (Tapinomona melancephalum)


Check for Ant Infestation

Ants can be a year-round menace, but seeing one or two ants around your home or office does not necessarily mean an infestation. If you want to know you have an ant problem, you would have to look for these critters. They can also stay unseen behind insulation, within the walls, and under the floor.

Check around the windows and doors, heaters, hot water pipes, and near cables. You will find signs that will warn you that you have an ant problem on your hands. In the garden, ants tend to favor hardwood trees.

If you feel you have an ant problem, don’t try to remove the ants on your own. The fact that ants live in colonies makes them tough to eliminate. Also, ants tend to multiply very quickly.


How can Icon Pest help?
  • We offer a free estimate. 
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  • We have 25+ years of experience in the industry. 
  • We can remove various species of pests and wildlife from your home. 
What are our customers saying about our ant removal services?

“I hired Icon Pest to remove ants from my home, and I’m so glad I did. They answered my call right away and sent a technician to my home quicker than I expected. I highly recommend their services for anyone in the GTA looking for pest control.”
-Jennifer F.

“Thanks Icon Pest for everything. Your technician was professional and helpful.”
-Mel J.

“Great prices and even better customer service. I haven’t seen a carpenter ant since you guys came and had them removed.”
-Brian R.

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