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Rat Exterminator Toronto – Rat Control Toronto & GTA

Rats transmit diseases to humans and can contaminate any food they come in contact with. That is why you should not ignore rat control in Toronto and Greater Toronto. With Icon Pest, you can rest assured knowing that our technicians will humanely remove rodents from your premises. So, for safe and effective rodent control in Toronto and Greater Toronto, you can depend on us.

Why Do You Need Prompt Rat Extermination in Toronto?

Did you know that rodents are notorious for starting fires in homes and buildings? They chew up electrical wires that can result in fires, causing you significant loss. Also, with frequent gnawing, rodents can cause serious structural damages. So, in addition to your health, you also risk your home or office due to rodent infestation.

It is prudent to remember that rodents multiply rapidly. So, you should not delay calling in the professionals the moment you see a sign of their presence. Our technicians are well-versed in providing effective rat removal in Toronto. We have the expertise and knowledge to identify and locate entrances and then use effective measures to block them so that the rats can no longer enter inside. Our rat exterminators in Toronto and the Greater Toronto region are highly effective and successful.


Services we Provide:
  • Mice/Rat (Rodent control) with 30 Days warranty $189.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat (Rodent control) with 100 Days warranty $249.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat (Rodent control) with 1 Year warranty (3 visits/year)  $395.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat (Rodent Control) Exterior Rodent control with 6 Month warranty once a month visit $450.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat (Rodent Control) Exterior Rodent control with 6 Month warranty with every other month visit $375.00 + tax
  • Mice/Rat exclusion (Secure / Seal) entry spots (make a house Rodent proof) price after inspection
  • We offer pest control and wildlife removal inspection only with $85/ inspection fee
What is the rat removal process like?
  • You can call us to book an appointment at a time that is most convenient for you. 
  • We will come to your house or workplace on the day of the appointment. 
  • We inspect your property to ensure we recognize the extent of the problem and can create a custom solution plan.
  • We implement treatment to remove the pest from your home or office. 
  • We also do preventative measures to ensure your property is better protected against wildlife from entering. For instance, we can set up traps near common trap entry points. 
  • We clean up once the job is complete. 
  • We are able to answer your questions and offer our expert recommendations.
What Measures Do We Adopt for Rat Removal?

Usually, we seal all the entry points using heavy-duty screening and glue. We also install baits and traps to catch the rodents. You needn’t worry as we dispose off the captured rodents in a humane manner. We make it a point to ensure that your property is rodent-free before we leave. 

Why Choose Icon Pest for Rodent Control and Removal in Toronto/ GTA?

At Icon Pest, we are highly experienced professionals, who believe in making homes and commercial establishments rodent-free. We respond to call quickly and ensure you can regain control over your property without any worries.

We have the right equipment and tools to ensure a hassle-free rat removal in Toronto. Not only are we certified pest control company, but our technicians are licensed and insured. So, you can have peace of mind when you call upon us for rat removal in Toronto and Greater Toronto.

Our services for rat removal in Toronto are backed by our iron clad guarantee. So, you can hire us without worrying that the moment our technicians return, the rat problem will recur.

We also give you reasons why rats are attracted to your property and offer you preventive measures to ensure you do not have to deal with a rodent infestation in the future.

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We will offer you a no-obligation quote for rat removal in Toronto. Speak to our courteous and friendly staff today.


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