Dead Animal Removal in Aurora

Dead Animal Removal in Aurora

Icon Pest is the Aurora dead animal removal expert. If you have a dead animal in your attic, a dead animal in your chimney, a dead animal in your basement, or a dead animal in your house or garage, Icon Pest can help. We also help remove dead animals from under decks and dead animals from under sheds. Icon Pest can safely remove a dead animal from any part of your property in Aurora. Icon Pest will inspect your home to find locations where the animal may have entered. After a full inspection, we can offer to animal-proof your house to prevent animals from intruding again. A dead animal removal expert should only perform dead animal removal. We can use our expertise to help you eliminate any dead animals on your property. We offer respectful and efficient dead animal removal. Icon Pest is Aurora’s dead animal removal expert. 

Dead Animal Removal in Aurora
The Danger of Dead Animals on Your Property in Aurora

The Danger of Dead Animals on Your Property in Aurora

Animals’ dead bodies could cause problems inside your home. Decomposing animal bodies may pick up germs and harmful bacteria, which can then be passed on to you and your family members who live in your home. You should not handle the situation without expert assistance, so contacting a professional dead animal removal, like Icon Pest, is strongly advised. At Icon Pest, we practice extreme caution while dealing with an animal carcass and cleaning the area. We ensure that no disturbance or harm is caused to your family members, including pets.

A dead animal, like a rat or raccoon, is usually a carrier of diseases, microorganisms, germs, and parasites. If you get too close to the animal, you could get infected. This is especially true for parasites, which will be seeking a new host. Also, the body fluids of the dead animal can get on your skin, causing infection. So, it is best not to attempt dead animal removal yourself. Also, you do not want to unknowingly break municipal regulations when it comes to disposing of the dead animal’s body.

Dead Animal Removal Services Aurora

Dead Mouse Removal

If you used mouse traps or got rid of mice, there could be dead ones in the corners. Do not worry! Give us a call, and we will assist you in getting them out!

Removal Of Deceased Pets

Pets are like family members, so their death can be heart-breaking; however, you must get rid of them as soon as possible for safety reasons. Contact us, and we will remove your pet’s dead body and clean up the area.

Removal Of A Deceased Cat

The sight, odour, and health risks associated with a lifeless feline are too much to bear on one’s own. Call us right away, and we will come to your rescue.

Dead Bird Removal

Do not hesitate to contact us if you see a dead bird on your property. With our complete deceased animal removal service in Aurora, we will get rid of that corpse before it causes more problems than just being gross and stinky!

Deceased Dog Removal

If a dog dies on your property, you can count on us to remove the dead animal as soon as possible. We provide this service at a reasonable cost and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle the situation.

Dead Possum Removal

If you smell a foul odour in your attic, it is most likely the result of a dead possum. You should remove it yourself; our dead animal removal professionals know how to locate and dispose of them without damaging or contaminating your establishment with unpleasant odours.

Dead Rat Removal

Rats are more dangerous when they are dead than when they are alive. They have the potential to spread a variety of health threats, which is why we must eliminate them as soon as possible. If you find a dead rat in your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately so we can solve the problem for good!

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We also offer bat removal, raccoon removal, groundhog removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, and dead animal removal.

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Dead Animal Removal Services Aurora

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