Dead Animal Removal in Markham

Dead Animal Removal in Markham

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Dead Animal Removal in Markham
How to Remove Dead Animals

How to Remove Dead Animals

The most significant nuisance associated with dead animals is also the easiest way to find them: their strong odour. As the animal begins to decay, it will produce a foul odour that worsens over time. The smell tends to be more assertive with larger animals since there is more flesh to rot.

First thing, when we come to your home or office to remove the animal, we will ask if you know where the animal is. If you don’t know, there is no need to worry. We will follow our noses to determine where the smell is most potent. We then combine the smell with our expertise knowledge of the animal and its behaviour. We usually find dead animals in the wall, ceiling, or ventilation duct.

Once we are confident we know where the animal is, we might need to make a small hole in your ceiling or wall to reach it. We always make these holes as small as possible to minimize the repairs you will need to have done to your home, which we can take care of as well.

The attic is the most common area we remove dead animals from. It is prevalent for wildlife to take shelter in the attic and it can be particularly challenging to find dead animals there, especially if they hide under insulation. Sometimes animals live within the walls of your home or office and die there or fall down into a wallspace, are unable to get back up, and then die.

Finding a dead animal in the chimney is not common, but it is possible. This is particularly true if your chimney has a slicker flue, as animals won’t be able to climb back up. Despite what you think, we rarely find dead animals in ducts; if you think the animal is there because of the smell, Icon Pest will trace the airflow to discover where they actually are. We can also crawl underneath your house or porch to remove dead animals.

Benefits to Hire a Professional to Remove a Dead Animal

When we find a dead animal, we wear proper protective gear and remove the carcass. This includes a filter mask and professional gloves. We frequently avoid touching the animal directly with the gloves as an additional safety precaution, instead we use tools to grab the animal body. We double bag the deceased animal and then take care of the necessary cleanup. Most dead animals come with juices, maggots, and other residuals. Icon Pest will tackle these challenges and decontaminate the area thoroughly.

In addition to removing the dead animal for you, we take care of disposal. This way, you do not have to contact your local waste disposal company to ask if you are legally allowed to throw the dead animal out with your garbage. You also won’t have to deal with the smell of the body until garbage day or drive it to another location, burn, or bury it. We are familiar with the local regulations regarding wildlife disposal and take care of everything for you.

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Benefits to Hire a Professional to Remove a Dead Animal

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