Dead Animal Removal in Mississauga

Dead Animal Removal in Mississauga

If an animal dies in your attic or the walls of your home or outside in your yard, problems arise, which may be difficult to handle without the help of professionally trained wildlife removal experts.

Commonly found animals include raccoons, squirrels, stray dogs or cats, mice, rats, skunks and opossums. Homeowners risk unpleasant odours and stains, disease, contamination, and pest infestation when dead animal bodies are left unattended in homes or yards.

Some homeowners are tempted to remove a dead animal by themselves, but it is almost always wiser to leave it to the experts like us. There is always a risk of disease associated with handling deceased animals. They may contain the same bacteria and other disease-causing agents as live ones. Icon Pest has the necessary protective gear and we know which safety precautions are required, allowing us to remove the dead animal without risk of disease.

Our expertise makes it much easier for us to find the dead animal than for the normal homeowner. In most cases, wildlife living under your porch, in your attic, or in your walls will not make it easy to find them. Animals like to find a small, dark space to die, and while that is comforting for them, it makes it difficult to find their bodies and they tend to be very hard to reach. Please don’t knock down random walls searching for the dead animal. Our experience allows us to make an educated guess to determine their location. Hiring us to remove the dead animal means you won’t have to worry about disposal; we take care of everything.

Dead Animal Removal in Mississauga
Why is Dead Animal Removal Required?

Why is Dead Animal Removal Required?

Usually an animal does not die in plain sight. The clearest sign you have a dead animal somewhere in your home or office is the putrid smell caused by decomposition.

Fluids drain out and seep into nearby materials and it causes foul stains that spread and grow as the animal’s body rotates.

The smell can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. It depends on the size of the animal and environmental conditions for the carcass to dry out.

The smell may cause concern and an unpleasant environment for people in the home or office. The decomposing body also attracts other insects or animal pests which feed on carcasses.

Squirrels, mice, raccoons, rats, and bats often make their homes within a house. The dead animal bodies can be found in whatever areas the animals frequented during their lives.

Icon Pest uses a pet-safe odour eliminator to get rid of the source of the odour. In the event we can’t remove the carcass, we use aerosols, oxidizing agents, foggers and disinfectants with germicides to cover the smell until nature gets ride of the body for you.

Wildlife Pest Prevention

The best way to prevent dead animals in your home or yard is to keep the unwanted wildlife out from entering. Animals look to make your home their home through cracks and holes in your house’s exterior walls or through unsecured vents, chimneys, windows, or doorways.

Exclusion services include:

  • Sealing all cracks with caulk
  • Replacing broken door & window screens
  • Adding mesh wire to chimney openings
  • Buying tightly fitted lids for trash bins
  • Trimming tree branches, so nothing hangs over roofs
  • Cleaning clutter from basement and attics

If wildlife has entered your home before, you need to fix the entry point, or they will keep coming into your home.

Who to call for dead animal removal?

Most local animal control departments do not enter your homes, offices, or private property to remove a dead animal.

Dead animals leave a horrendous smell, and the carcass will lead to health hazards, insect infestations, stains and lingering odours. Individuals should refrain from handling the carcass after discovering a dead animal in the home or yard.

To prevent the spread of diseases and parasites, residents should contact Icon Pest wildlife removal experts trained to dispose of dead animals safely. Removing animal carcasses will also remove the dangers and possible pest infestations accompanying them.

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