Dead Animal Removal in Pickering

Dead Animal Removal in Pickering

Icon Pest Control offers dead animal removal in Pickering and the Greater Toronto Area. Icon Pest control offers a detailed estimate for all dead animal removal services in Pickering. Our prices are affordable, we communicate with you effectively, have the skills and tools to remove dead animals successfully, and always put your safety and your family’s safety first.

  • Expertise: We have thorough experience with dead animal removal, wildlife removal and pest control in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Flexibility: Whether you are in a home or office setting, we are ready for the different kinds of spaces an animal can access. We are always accommodating and will create a plan with which you are comfortable. 
  • Communication: Our technicians will give you recommendations and can answer any questions you may have. 
  • Skill: Our staff has the right tools and supplies to complete the job quickly and adequately.
  • Safety first: Our technicians are well protected and prioritize our customers’ safety.

Icon Pest are experienced wildlife removal professionals in Pickering, and we have a three-tiered process to fix all the problems when dealing with a dead animal in your home. Our dead animal removal services aim to eliminate the problem by removing the animal carcass, ensuring that other animals can’t enter your home or office, and cleaning up the mess. Icon Pest prioritizes preventative and corrective action. Our dead animal removal services will exceed your standards every time.

Dead Animal Removal in Pickering
Signs You Have a Dead Animal in Your Home or Office

Signs You Have a Dead Animal in Your Home or Office

  • You should only enlist the proper experts to remove the deceased animal from your property and restore and repair the damage left behind regarding dead animal removal and clean-up.

    If you need dead animal removal services in Pickering for your home or business, it could be because that animal already lived there. If so, other animals might be nearby, including baby animals left behind. This situation should only be handled by a wildlife removal professional.

    • Odour.
    • There will surely be a smell if you have a dead animal in your home or business. It might be intense at times and faint at others. When you smell a dead animal, don’t wait for the smell to go away. If you wait, you might end up with an even bigger problem.
    • Insects.
    • When an animal dies, the scent attracts flies, ants, insects, and pests that want to feed on the carcass. The longer you wait to remove the dead animal, the more opportunities insects and other pests have to find it.
    • Stains.
    • When a dead animal is left to decompose long enough, you end up with stains on your walls or ceilings from the decomposing animal. Not only do the animal tissues, blood, and other liquids pose a severe health hazard, but fixing this issue can be costly.

Hiring Dead Animal Removal Services

Handling dead animals can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, and there are laws regulating how and where an animal can be trapped and relocated or how a dead animal can be disposed of.


The professionals at Icon Pest are licensed specialists for wildlife trapping and removal. We follow all guidelines for removing dead animals from your home or business. Icon Pest safely and efficiently assesses the damage caused by the dead animals. We offer tips and additional services to repair the damage, clean up the mess, and establish any necessary exclusions to prevent animals from returning.

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Hiring Dead Animal Removal Services

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