Dead Animal Removal in Toronto

Dead Animal Removal in Toronto

Toronto Animal Service does pick up small dead animals and wildlife, like rats, mice, raccoons, chipmunks, and small birds, from city streets or public places. However, such organizations will not be able to help if you need a dead animal removal service on private properties. Hence, for dead animal removal in Toronto, you would have to call a private company, like Icon Pest.

The technicians at Icon Pests are trained to destroy biohazard waste and clean up bodily fluids, maggot, and other health and safety risks. Once we finish removing the dead animal and cleaning and sanitizing the area, the stench will disappear.

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  • Dead rodent removal
  • Dead rat removal
  • Dead raccoon removal

Icon Pest Company provides Dead Animal Removal services in Toronto at 18 King St E Suite #1400, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4.

Icon Pest can safely remove any dead animals from your inside your home or on your property. Please be aware, trying to remove the body yourself, brings the risk of the potential disease. It is not recommended to leave dead animals near your business or home. Although unfortunate, many property owners call us because of a foul smell within their walls or attic.

Many business owners and homeowners are unaware of wildlife living within the structure of their property. Some people only find out after an animal dies, and a peutrid smell worsens each day in the home or business. Searching for a dead animal can be tricky, and removing the carcass may require special equipment.

Icon Pest dead animal removal technicians are trained and equipped to locate and reach the dead animal. Once found, Icon Pest can safely remove the dead animal with the least amount of damage to your home or office.

Dead animals that are not accessible or have fallen down between walls may need to be cut out, so drywall repairs and decontamination may be warranted. Should this be the case, Icon Pest technicians can remove the dead animal, decontaminate and, in most cases, repair the access area.

Please note that dead animal removal in city streets or outside your home/cottage or office should be directed to your local Humane Society or SPCA.

As this is a dirty job, call a trained professional from Icon Pest. We will be happy to remove dead animals from your home or business. We can also show you how the animal gained access to your property and do prevention work, so you never have to deal with another situation like it again.

Promptly remove all dead animals from your property. Dead animals can carry diseases and parasites and should be cautiously handled by experienced professionals. Please call our dead animal removal experts immediately upon finding a dead animal.

Dead Animal Removal in Toronto
Three Benefits Of Our Fast Dead Animal Removal Services

Three Benefits Of Our Fast Dead Animal Removal Services

There are several reasons you should call Icon Pest immediately to remove dead animals from your home or office. These are our top three reasons: 

  1. Minimize The Foul Stench Of The Carcass

After an animal dies, bacteria spreads in the body quickly. This starts to cause the animal’s tissues to break down, and releases natural gasses from the body. You will notice the odour quickly if the animal is inside your home or office. If the animal has died outside, the smell may not be overwhelming initially, but it will worsen with time. Many people call Icon Pest because they notice the foul odour of decay and natural gasses before finding the animal’s body. Call Icon Pest as soon as you suspect there is a dead animal on your property.

Our team of professionals knows how to find the dead animal and we will remove the animal’s body. 

  1. Reduce The Chance Of Scavengers On Your Property

Lots of local wildlife relies on dead animals as a source of food. So even if you can’t smell the dead animal yet, it’s likely that scavengers can. You should have any dead animal removed as quickly as possible to keep scavengers away from your home or business. 

If you notice scavengers near the animal carcass, you can take a significant risk if you try to chase them off yourself. Removing the dead animal as quickly as possible reduces the chance of having problems with other pests. Once the pests have found your property, sometimes it can be difficult to get them to leave your property.

  1. Reduce The Chance Of Disease

Sometimes you don’t know why the animal died on your property. Perhaps it was diseased. And even if it wasn’t diseased, the bacteria on the animal as it’s decomposing and creating the smell could potentially spread infections. An animal corpse on your property is a health risk because of bacteria and other contaminants.

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