Juvenile Raccoon Removal: How Icon Pest Control Solved the Problem in Toronto

Icon Pest Control specializes in juvenile raccoon removal using thermal cameras to locate and safely extract them from your attic or basement. Trust our experienced technicians to handle the job with care and precision. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized baby raccoon control services.

The technician arrived at the customer’s home to investigate a possible raccoon invasion. He had received a call from the customer, who had heard suspicious noises coming from the attic and was worried that they had a raccoon problem.

Upon arriving, the technician quickly noticed external damage above a window, which is a typical entry point for raccoons. He knew they had a raccoon problem on their hands.

The technician entered the home and surveyed the room where the customer had heard the noises coming from. Using a thermal imaging camera, he located the raccoon’s nesting area in the ceiling. Knowing that the best way to remove the raccoons in a humane manner was to crawl into the attic, the technician did just that.

When he got into the attic, the technician could see the damage the raccoons had caused. He located the mother raccoon and a baby and swiftly put the baby into a cardboard box to be removed. The mother raccoon stayed back from the action, allowing the technician to separately remove her as well.
The technician was successful in his mission and safely removed the raccoons from the customer’s home. He made sure to repair the damage done by the raccoons so that the customer would not have to worry about them coming back.

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