Ant Removal Aurora

Professional ant removal Aurora 

Are you seeing a lot of ants in your home? If that is the case, you may have an ant infestation. Rather than trying to get rid of the ants yourself, you can call a professional pest control and wildlife removal company. Icon Pest provides residential and commercial services in the GTA, which stands for the Greater Toronto Area.

 It is recommended to try to resolve the problem as soon as possible rather than wait and hope the ants go away on their own. Ants are quite social creatures, so you might see more and more of these insects in your home or around it. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in your living environment. That is why our aim is to provide effective pest removal at a reasonable price.

What is the ant removal process like? 

  1. We come to your home or office and inspect your property. The inspection enables us to identify the problem and how best to resolve it. 
  2. We walk you through the solutions to remove ants from your place. Our treatment plan is safe for you and your family as well as for the environment. We do not use harsh chemicals and we also do not harm the animals. 
  3. We get to work removing the ants and protecting your home from future pest invasions. Our technicians will work quickly and make sure the ant removal is effective. 
  4. We clean everything up and answer your questions. Don’t be shy. Our experts are happy to provide advice and alleviate any concerns you have for us regarding ants or other pests. 

Why Icon Pest?

  • We are experienced in the pest control and wildlife removal industry. Our technicians are trained and continue to stay up to date with their training. 
  • We equip our team members with the right tools and products to get the job done. More often than not, we remove the pests entirely from your property the first time, so there’s no need for multiple treatments. 
  • We offer competitive prices combined with excellent customer service. Our pest control services are affordable. First time customers get a discount of ten percent off. We also have a money back guarantee policy where you can get a refund.

Here are testimonials from our clients:

“Thank you Icon Pest for all the work you guys did. I highly recommend their pest removal services. They are effective and affordable.”

-James B. 

“I had a good experience with Icon Pest. It was easy to schedule an appointment with them. The technician came to my house on time and got to work. I haven’t seen any ants in my home afterwards.”

-David C.

“Icon Pest was so helpful. They surpassed my expectations. I am very satisfied with the results. My home is now pest free thanks to them.”

-Richard H. 

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