Ant Removal Newmarket

Professional ant removal Newmarket 

Icon Pest can help you remove ants from your home or office in Newmarket. We are a pest control and wildlife removal company. Our residential and commercial services are offered to clients in the Greater Toronto Area as well as in York Region. You don’t need to remove the ants on your own when you can get effective ant removal services from the experts at Icon Pest. 

What are the steps in the ant removal process? 

  1. You can call us and book an appointment at a time that works best for you. If we cannot pick up your call right away, we will call you back as soon as possible. We understand that emergencies can happen, and you don’t want to wait a long time for the professionals to remove the pests. That is why we do our best to resolve your pest issue as soon as possible. 
  2. We will come to your property and conduct an inspection. Inspecting your home enables us to identify the extent of the ant infestation. We are able to give you a more exact quote of how much it will cost to remove the ants afterwards. 
  3. We offer solutions and provide a treatment plan. Our goal is to offer reasonably priced pest control and removal services.  
  4. We remove the pests and do preventative measures to protect your home. It is one thing to get rid of the ants. It is another thing to prevent them from entering your property in the future. 
  5. We can answer your questions and give advice as well. Our experts will share our expertise with you in regards to protecting your home from pests.

Why Icon Pest?

  • We have years of experience. Our technicians are trained to identify the pests and remove them in a humane way. 
  • We offer first time customers a discount of 10 percent off. That way, you can try our services at an even more affordable price. 
  • We will prevent future pests from getting inside your property. This is done by setting up traps or blocking off entry points to stop the ants from entering.

Read testimonials from clients: 

“Thank you for removing the pests from my home. Icon Pest was prompt and professional throughout the entire pest removal process. I couldn’t have asked for more. Definitely recommend.”

-Alice S. 

“Icon Pest sent a technician to my home. He did an inspection, came up with solutions to remove the ants, and got rid of all of them. He even made time to answer questions and give suggestions.”

-Bailey L. 

“Thanks for helping me with ant removal. I wasn’t sure what to do at first, but I’m glad I decided to call in the experts. Now I don’t have to worry.”

-Kim G. 

Get in touch with us for ant removal Newmarket. 

Do you want more information about our Newmarket ant removal services? You can call us at (647) 325 9060 or send an email to We look forward to helping you with your pest issues.

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