Ant Removal Vaughan

Ant Removal in Vaughan

Icon Pest is available for ant removal in Vaughan. We are always ready to advise and answer pest control and wildlife removal questions. We start every job inspecting your property and develop a budget-friendly treatment plan to ensure your home or business gets ant-free.

Ant problems get worse over time. Tackle the issue head-on and call in the experts today. The highly-trained specialists at Icon Pest are ready to help you eliminate your ant infestation using our practical tools and proven procedures. 

You don’t need to do the work on your own. Leave it to professionals trained in animal behaviour and biology. Do you want to learn more about ant removal? Contact us today.

ant removal Vaughan
ant removal Vaughan

Ant Removal in Vaughan

Ants are the number one nuisance out there as they are a widespread insect. People always have issues with ants, especially when the weather is warm. It makes sense as there are more than 12,000 species in the world. 

And the bad news is that seeing just one ant can indicate that you are on your way to dealing with an infestation. Ants communicate through smell; they emit different chemicals to signal others. 

Killing ants can quickly attract other ants from a nearby colony by releasing pheromones when squished. Some ants bite, leaving behind an itchy or throbbing irritation. You may have flying ants, fire ants, black ants, army ants, carpenter ants, or sugar ants around your home. 

You may have mound-building ants or nuisance ants in your house or business. Call Icon Pest to determine which ants you are dealing with on your property. 

The Ant Removal Process

When you hire Icon Pest, we take you through our efficient process to eliminate the pests for good. 

It all begins with an initial inspection. Our technicians ask questions to find out the details about the problem.

The diagnosis shares the pest problem you have and explains the factors contributing to the infestation. Our experts determine the species involved and the size of the issue. 

The prescription is the treatment plan. We determine how, where, and when depending on each situation. This step includes the treatment and what needs to be done to avoid future problems. Sometimes changes, such as an increase in cleanliness, or upgrades to the house, need to be made. 

Next, we implement the prescription. The pest control team carries out the plan the clients decided to pursue. Icon Pest focuses on communicating with its clients and prides itself on being reliable and on time. We know your time is precious, and we won’t waste it. 

Ultimately, our team evaluates the situation after the treatment to ensure that pests don’t return. This step is essential to determine if the application was successful. Icon Pest ensures your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Ant Prevention in Vaughan

The best solution is always prevention. Follow our tips to help keep your property free of ants. 

  • Use caulking to seal all openings and cracks so ants can’t slip through the spaces.
  • Since moisture and standing water attract ants, check under sinks and repair leaky pipes. If rooms are damp, use a dehumidifier. Clean your gutters regularly. 
  • Get rid of food sources, and sweep the floors regularly. Keep food in air-tight containers and put ripe fruit in the fridge. Wipe down sticky and use a lid on garbage cans. A clean kitchen is the best first line of defence. 
  • Target their most common hangouts. We all know ants love kitchens since they find and bring back food supplies to their nest. Yet ants are commonly seen in basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and in and near heating and air conditioning units.
  • Put garbage in the correct containers and ensure all bins have tight fighting tops. Make sure dumpsters and trash cans are more than at least 5 meters away from buildings and houses.
  • Add door sweeps and weather stripping to secure areas and keep ants from entering. 
  • Fix ripped window screens to keep ants out. 
  • Cut back all vegetation from the building, so no branches or bushes touch the walls.
  • Call the experts for help. Icon Pest is ready to assist you. 
ant removal Vaughan

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