Ant Removal Woodbridge

Professional ant removal in Woodbridge 

Are you looking for professional ant removal services in the Woodbridge area? Icon Pest specializes in pest control and wildlife removal for clients across the Greater Toronto Area. We can get rid of the ants and identify how they are entering your property in order to stop them from doing so in the future. 

It is best to call in the experts rather than attempt to remove the ants by yourself. If you don’t know what to do, you may not effectively get rid of all the insects. What is more, the ant infestation can get worse over time if you don’t take care of the issue right away. Our goal is to prioritize your safety and satisfaction. We understand having ants in your home is bothersome. That is why we want you to have peace of mind and pest-free home.

What is the process like for ant removal?

  1. We will come to your property and conduct an inspection. In doing so, our team members can identify the extent of the ant infestation. 
  2. We create an effective treatment plan. Our experts can walk you through what we plan to do and how we can remove the ants quickly but effectively. 
  3. We complete the removal process and also implement preventative measures. That way, not only are the ants removed but also your home will be protected from future invasions. 
  4. We clean up after we finish our job. If you have any questions or concerns about ants, feel free to ask us for answers.


Why choose Icon Pest?

  • We have many years of experience with pest control. Our team has helped clients remove ants and other unwanted animals. We ensure our technicians are trained and continue to keep up with their training. 
  • We provide many pest control services for residential and commercial purposes. Regardless of what pest is in your home or office, we can take care of it. 
  • We remove pests and prevent them from getting inside your property. Our experts will set up traps and other measures to stop animals from entering your house.

Read testimonials from our clients:

“Thanks for removing all the ants from my work building. Excellent service at a reasonable price. I definitely recommend Icon Pest to anyone in need of pest removal.”

-Dani B. 

“I used the ant removal services from Icon Pest not too long ago. I’m so glad I called in a professional to take care of the issue. They made the entire process simple and hassle-free on my end.”

-Elle M. 

“A friend of mine referred me to Icon Pest after I told them about the ant infestation in my home. I’m so grateful for their services. They did a great job.”

-Jordan S.

Get in touch for more information on ant removal Woodbridge. 

Do you have questions about our ant removal services in Woodbridge? You can call us at (647) 325 9060 or send an email to We look forward to helping you solve your pest problems. 

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