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Squirrel Removal Markham – Squirrel Control – Remove Squirrel from Attic

The Greater Toronto Area, particularly places like Markham, has seen a rise in pests and wildlife in recent years, with more housing projects coming up. Squirrels, which are a harmless tree dwellers, can, however, harm or damage your property if you don’t maintain proper vigil or monitor your home and business spaces. You should hire a professional company for squirrel removal in Markham to make sure your home is not subject to any damage.

Squirrels are furry creatures that may look cute, but at the same time, you should take care to see that they don’t become a menace, landing you in a soup or giving you unpleasant surprises. Icon Pest has the right knowledge, equipment, and expertise to remove squirrels from homes, yards, and attics without causing you stress or hassle.

Markham Squirrel Removal Services
Damage due to Squirrels

Homeowners seek help from wildlife services after hearing scurrying noises and scratching sounds from the attics and chimneys. These pesky rodents build nests in attics, where they multiply giving birth to offspring. They chew the insulation and used the chewed parts to build nests. They even shred the wood used as support beams for the attics. If you notice shredded wood or insulation, it’s high time you seek professional help for squirrel removal in Markham from Icon Pest.

The exposed wires present a potential hazard leading to fire or short circuit. The weak beams impact your property’s structural stability. If you are growing a beautiful garden, particularly fruits and vegetables then your efforts may go in vain. They can feast on the produce in the process settling in your premises. Providing food sources in the form of gardens, unattended garbage, and exposed food counters attract squirrels.

How can Icon Pest help you?

Icon Pest offers the highest possible assistance when it comes to squirrel removal in Markham. Our technicians will first try to drive away the squirrels from your home, and then help you by preventing reentry by installing one-way doors at all entry points.

One more effective way of removing these creatures is by physically snaring them away and even trapping them in a humane way. If the technicians find babies, they unite them with the mother before relocating them to a safe location.

Our squirrel removal experts in Markham also offer assistance for taking measures to protect or seal the different entry points in your home. That serves as an effective way of preventing their re-entry in the future. The technicians also check for cracks in the foundation wall and suggest a range of holistic measures for prevention in the future after effective squirrel removal in Markham from homes and office spaces.

Since their numbers exceed their predators by a large proportion and also due to decreasing natural habitat, squirrels are increasingly seeking shelter in homes. They seek refuge in attics for warmth during winter. Overall, analyzing their behavior and nesting pattern in your homes is quite important before the problem can be addressed.

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Beyond an extent, prevention is not an ideal way to remove squirrels from attics, garages, and roof vents. Therefore, consult Icon Pest for a guaranteed and effective squirrel removal in Markham. You will enjoy the best assistance, thanks to our years of experience in wildlife removal services.

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