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Squirrel Removal & Control North York – Pest & Wildlife Removal North York

Most people think of squirrels as cute, fluffy-tailed tree dwellers that aside from driving their dogs a little bit crazy are quite harmless. They may be cute and fluffy, but squirrels can cause quite a bit of damage to your home and property if their presence around your house goes unchecked. If the squirrels get inside, you’re in for an even bigger nightmare and we recommend you seek professional services for squirrel removal in North York. Icon Pest has been tackling squirrel menace for years and has the experience and expertise to help you out.

Here are some of the reasons you should connect with Icon Pest right away.

Squirrel Removal North York
Damage to Garden

If you’re an avid gardener or just have a nice flowerbed in your home, it is suggested to ensure you make note of professionals offering services for squirrel removal in North York to have a healthy garden, as squirrels can be your worst nightmare. Plants that you grow for your own pleasure will quickly become a squirrel’s next meal.

Flower bulbs are one of the tasty treats the squirrels will find in your garden and dig up, gnaw on, and kill those bulbs you’ve buried in the ground, and you won’t see any of the tulips you were hoping to have in your yard. If you have a fruit or vegetable garden then you’re providing even more potential food sources to squirrels. They will eat through your tomatoes, peaches, and virtually any other food that you try to grow for yourself, completely devastating your food crop.

Damage to Insulation

Squirrels are a bigger nightmare in North York, hence squirrel removal in North York is a highly sought-after wildlife service. Clients often complain about scratching and running noises from their chimneys and attics. Squirrels like to build nests in attics, and for this, they use your home’s insulation. Just like mice, they will rip up chunks of insulation and use it to build their nests. This affects the energy efficiency of your home. Plus, many of them may chew on or bite off pieces of your wooden support beams. Over time, this can affect the structural integrity of your home.

It is best to opt best squirrel removal in North York before this becomes a problem. Damage to wiring when they begin to chew on your electrical wires perhaps is the biggest danger that squirrels can pose to your home, as they will leave wires frayed and exposed. This will first affect the electrical connections; you may have outlets that stop working or lights that flicker off and on at random. But more serious than that are those exposed wires, which pose a fire hazard.

Professional Squirrel Removal in North York

Icon Pest has years of experience in humane squirrel removal in North York and the surrounding areas. We understand their habitat, nesting patterns, and lifestyle. This wisdom helps our experts to serve effectively without causing any harm to wildlife and your property.

We follow standards accepted by the Ministry of Natural Resources to solve squirrel problems and move them to a better living area. We are compassionate towards animals and this has helped us become a top choice for squirrel removal in North York.

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