Pest Control Newmarket
Pest Control Newmarket 

Do you suspect you have a pest problem in your home or office? Not to worry because Icon Pest is here to help. Our removal services include rat removal, cockroach removal, fly control, mice removal, and many others. We have been in the business for over 25 years, and as a result, we know the ins and outs of removing pests and preventing them from entering homes.

Regardless of the type of pest, our technicians are more than happy to help you get rid of them. We have experience with pest control and wildlife removal for residential and commercial buildings. Our experts know local by-laws and regulations, so we remove pests in a humane way. We will never use harmful chemicals or dangerous products. Our professionals use the best as well as the safest tools and resources to remove rats, wasps, ants, and other unwanted animals.

Purpose of pest control Newmarket 

Pests can cause damage to your home and some could even harm your health. It is unsafe and at Icon Pest, we prioritize your safety. Our technicians are licensed and qualified to do pest control. Some common pest problems we can solve include rat removal, mice removal, carpenter ant removal, cockroach removal, bed bug removal, and many more.

Pest control process Newmarket 

What is our pest control process like? We are experienced and trained in pest control and pest removal. We will conduct an inspection of your home. After we identify the extent of your pest problem, we will come up with a plan for removal. Once we remove the pests from your property, we also do preventative work to safeguard your home from future unwanted invasions.


Why hire Icon Pest for pest control Newmarket? 


  • Our technicians are experienced and trained. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, so we know how to identify pests and remove them. Our technicians have training and continue to stay up to date in pest control and wildlife removal.
  • We provide affordable rates for pest control. Our company believes in offering competitive prices for our services without compromising on customer satisfaction. 
  • We don’t just remove pests, we also prevent them from entering your home again. As such, we do preventative work as well such as setting up traps to safeguard your property from unwanted pests.
What our clients are saying about our pest control services?

“Icon Pest is the best at what they do. I have been recommending them to my family and friends. They genuinely care about their customers, which is nice to see.”

-Karen L.

“Excellent service at an affordable rate. Thanks Icon Pest for removing bed bugs from my home.”

-Dylan W.

“Many thanks for your help. If you have a pest or wildlife issue in your home, call Icon Pest. They are quick to respond and deliver on time.”

-Mark S.

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