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Having pests infesting your home or business is stressful. Maybe you’ve noticed a new hoard of ants or a sudden swarm of wasps that seemingly came out of nowhere. You want the pests gone, but you aren’t sure what to do. Hiring a professional pest control company is an excellent solution to a pest control problem. 

Icon Pest has years of experience and the best tools to solve all pest and wildlife problems. We protect your home and business against all pests, including rats, spiders, raccoons, skunks, ants, and birds.

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Pest Control Services in Barrie


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Commercial pest control barrie

Expert Service For Commercial Accounts In Barrie

Icon Pest takes a comprehensive approach to commercial services, providing businesses with first-class pest and wildlife control solutions in Barrie. With our new offer of a free inspection (valued at $200 to $300) with no obligation, businesses can experience the expertise of Icon Pest takes a comprehensive approach to commercial services, providing businesses with first-class pest and wildlife control solutions. This allows businesses to assess the effectiveness of our services and make an informed decision about switching to Icon Pest for ongoing pest and wildlife control services in Barrie.

In addition to waiving the basic setup fee, Icon Pest also offers an extra perk for businesses that choose to switch to their services. We provide a second inspection as a complementary service. The first three months of the program will include two visits. This ensures that businesses receive regular and thorough monitoring of their premises to detect any signs of pest and wildlife activity and address them promptly. By offering this additional service, we demonstrate our commitment to providing comprehensive and ongoing support to our commercial clients.

Furthermore, Icon Pest understands the importance of immediate assistance in emergency situations. For commercial accounts, we provide a 24/7 emergency contact service in Toronto and the GTA. This means that businesses can rely on Icon Pest for timely assistance in dealing with pest and wildlife-related emergencies, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations and the safety of their employees and customers. With our dedicated emergency response team, we aim to provide peace of mind to commercial clients, knowing that help is just a phone call away. without any initial financial commitment. This allows businesses to assess the effectiveness of our services and make an informed decision about switching to Icon Pest for ongoing pest and wildlife control services in Barrie.


Pest Control Process with Icon Pest in Barrie

We work with you step by step to figure out and eliminate your pest problems.


Inspection is where it all begins. Our technicians ask questions to find out the details about the problem.


The diagnosis explains the type of pest the problem is and the factors contributing to its infestation. Our experts determine the species by observing the evidence left behind.


The prescription is the treatment plan. This step includes what Icon Pest will do and how to avoid future problems. Sometimes changes, such as an increase in cleanliness, upgrades to the house, and possible use of pesticides, need to be made so that future infestations don’t return.


This step is the implementation of the prescription. The pest control team carries out the plan that the clients decided on pursuing.


Our team evaluates the situation after the treatment to ensure that pests don’t return. This step is essential to determine if the application was successful.

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    Why choose Icon Pest for pest control Barrie?

    For example, when you call Icon Pest to your rescue, we conduct a detailed inspection of your residential or commercial property and figure out squirrel entry holes or entry points. We then install a squirrel prevention net or screening. We also install a one-way door trap that allows the squirrel to escape out of the roof while not allowing them to get back in with a one-way door trap. We also guarantee the removal of the mother and baby squirrels from your attic or chimney.

    Trusting a professional to get this job done means maintaining your structures’ integrity and preventing any accidents – we have the experience to get the job done safely for every person and critter involved.

    Squirrels are among the most common creatures you will find in gardens, streets, and parks in Barrie. These playful creatures are always frolicking around and are pretty restless. The most common types of squirrels found in Barrie are grey squirrels, red squirrels, and the classic chipmunks. Squirrel’s teeth grow every day, so the only way they can control this growth is by chewing.

    Once they enter your home or business environment, they become a problem. Squirrels have a penchant for causing mass destruction despite their small size. They will chew electrical wiring as well as wooden furniture and beams. Icon Pest is your best solution for handling squirrel removal in Toronto professionally and in a humane way that does not disturb the natural environment but gives you peace of mind.

     The experts at Icon Pest install intelligent one-way trap doors that allow the squirrel to get out but not back in. After a thorough inspection, all the entry and exit points are identified and sealed off using one-way door trap doors.

     You can make your house 100% squirrel-proof. Ask us about our squirrel barrier services, as this will permanently eliminate squirrels from entering your home or office.

    Comprehensive Solution

      Icon Pest implements a comprehensive and strategic approach to pest control. We ensure the efficient and effective elimination of pests from your property. With our expertise in the field, we understand the importance of early detection and intervention. This helps to minimize the impact of pests on your home or business.

      Skilled Techicians

        Our skilled technicians conduct a thorough assessment of your property. We identify all entry points and hiding spots, guaranteeing a comprehensive and targeted approach to pest control.

        Environmentally Friendly Method

          Icon Pest takes pride in using environmentally friendly methods. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers.

          No Harmful Chemicals

            We avoid harmful chemicals that may pose risks to health, pets, or the environment. Rest assured that with Icon Pest, you can expect the highest level of effectiveness in eliminating pests.

            All Pest Control Services
            All Wildlife Removal Services

            Why Should You Hire a Professional?

            Icon Pest is an experienced, licensed professional pest removal company and guarantees all jobs. We remove pests and prevent future outbreaks. Our staff is thoroughly trained and properly licensed to solve all your pest control problems. Icon Pest always gives you peace of mind and protects your home or business from unwanted intruders.

            Pests can be overwhelming

            Hiring a professional will bring peace of mind to your pest problem. Icon Pest has over twenty-five years of experience, and our technicians are fully licensed and insured.

            Time investment

            A professional pest control company can provide quicker and more reliable results than if you tried to fix the pest problem yourself. Professionals can implement extermination plans that work because of their experience and access to the proper chemicals and tools.

              Peace of mind

              Pest infestations come with diseases, including food poisoning, asthma, and allergies. Icon Pest is fully licensed and insured and offers a 100% guarantee for all pest problems. That’s peace of mind. 

                Professional methods work

                Icon Pest is committed to solving your pest and wildlife frustrations. First-time customers receive 10% off, and we provide same-day service. Our technicians will provide an inspection and put together a customized plan to solve your unique pest and wildlife problems.

                Voices of Satisfaction: Our Customers Testimonials

                I am very satisfied with the services I received from Icon Pest Control & Wildlife Removal. The technician was experienced and gave me correct information about my pest control problem. They are so fast and punctual. And also they always answer all my questions. They are highly recommended.


                Many thanks for your knowledge, expertise & quick response to our pest control needs. Icon Pest Control & Wildlife Removal provides quality service at a fair price.


                My experience with Icon pest control & wildlife removal was a great one. They arrived on site on time and laid out two raccoon traps for us. The following day we had two raccoons, which had been destroying the garden, in the traps. The company removed them that day, and we haven’t had a problem in the garden since then. I would recommend this company.


                Icon Pest is Your Trusted Partner in Pest Control and Wildlife Removal in Barrie

                With our team of skilled professionals and advanced methods, we offer efficient and effective solutions to eradicate pests and remove wildlife from your property. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart, ensuring your premises remain pest-free.

                same-day service

                100% Warranty

                Pest Control Licenced

                Award Winning

                What are the most common pests found on Ontario properties?

                Ants and Carpenter ants

                fly, cockroach, and mosquito

                Wasps and hornets

                Bed bugs









                Commercial pest control barrie

                Signs of a Pest Problem

                Here are some signs that show you may have a pest problem. If you see or notice these things, call Icon Pest right away.

                • Animal droppings
                • Strange noises
                • Fabric and paper with bites
                • Strange odours
                • Buildup on walls
                • Webbing in cracks and crevices


                Commercial Pest Prevention in Barrie

                Do you know any pest prevention tips? Check out this list.

                • Train employees so they know what to do. Education helps in prevention. Food storage and cleanliness tips are essential to ensure everyone is on the same page.
                • Using caulking to seal all openings and cracks closes the spaces insects can slip through.
                • Get rid of shelter, water, and food sources for pests. 
                • Put garbage in the correct containers and ensure all bins have tight fighting tops.
                • Add door sweeps and weather stripping to secure areas.
                • Fix ripped window screens.
                • Place dumpsters a minimum of 15 feet away from the building.
                • Cut back all vegetation from the building so no branches or bushes touch the walls.

                What can you do to protect your property against pests?

                Here is a list of things to do. Additionally, hire us to get these jobs done as soon as possible.

                • Install grade wire mesh to keep pests out of spaces
                • Use Caulking to seal any open holes
                • Remove clutter, both indoors and outdoors
                • Install metal flashing, also known as a drip edge, to seal your house from the outdoor shingles and gutters
                • Add vent covers throughout your property
                • Discover and remove sources of water, food, and shelter
                • Be sure garbage cans have tight-fitting lids
                • Store all food in enclosed containers

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                Icon Pest offers a 100% money-back guarantee. We will give you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the results. We also work to protect against any future entry! With our 25 years of experience in pest control and wildlife removal, we are your best option for commercial pest control in Barrie.

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