Silverfish Removal Vaughan

Call in the experts at Icon Pest for all silverfish removal in Vaughan. This small wingless insect’s movements resemble a fish. Dealing with silverfish infestations is not fun; it is difficult to eliminate them as they are good at hiding.  

Silverfish aren’t a direct health threat, but no one wants this pest in their space. They can damage building materials and household items. They are one of the oldest insects in the world. The best option is to call Icon Pest and let us handle the issue; we have the top-notch equipment and supplies needed.

Silverfish problems can get worse over time. Our team is well-trained, certified, and prepared to get their hands dirty. Tackle the issue from the start and call in the experts today. We work hard to make your life easier. Let us share our experience with you. 

Silverfish Removal in Vaughan

The highly-trained specialists at Icon Pest are ready to help you eliminate your infestation using our practical tools and proven procedures. Thankfully,  silverfish don’t sting, bite or carry diseases. However, that doesn’t make them welcome in your home or business.  

On the other hand, silverfish can trigger an allergic reaction in people. When they shed their skin, the dust created by these scales dropping off their bodies causes allergies in some people. 

Silverfish thrive in warm, damp areas. If you see one of these insects, hundreds will likely live inside your walls.

A silverfish population can multiply rapidly.  A female silverfish lays about 100 eggs in a  lifetime. The life process from egg to adult takes about three months.


Where You Find Silverfish

Silverfish can enter your house from around the foundation or may be brought in from outside in boxes. Not only do they like living inside walls, but they also are often found in bathrooms, bedrooms, and attics. People notice them at night when they come out and search for food. 

Silverfish often breed in places like beds. They usually infest the spaces between the bedsprings and cushions. Your body heat, the bedroom temperature, and the darkness in this space attract them and give them the perfect environment to thrive. 

It is essential to store documents, papers, clothing, and photos in air-tight containers so pests like silverfish don’t ruin your papers or memories. 

Silverfish are nocturnal, so you don’t often see them during the day. It is more common to see  them when you head to the bathroom for your bedtime routine or grab your book for some nighttime reading. 

What Silverfish Feed On 

Silverfish consume a variety of things, not only food found in the kitchen. They feed on the following items:

  • Vegetable matter
  • Dried meat
  • Flour
  • Cereal
    • Rolled oats
    • Other starches
    • Glue
    • Wallpaper
      • Books
      • Insulation
      • Tissue
      • Cardboard
        • Newspapers
        • Clothing
        • Dandruff
        • Human hair

          You might notice silverfish on your hairbrush or bed. If you wake up with these insects on your pillowcase or scalp, it is time to take action. Even though silverfish don’t bite, sharing your bed with creepy crawlies is no fun. 

          When determining the type of infestation in your home or building, insect droppings often hold the answers. Silverfish droppings look like tiny black peppercorns. Since they are small, they are often easily missed or swept up without notice. In addition, silverfish shed their skins during their life cycle, leaving behind a dust-like substance.

          How to Prevent Silverfish

          The easiest way to prevent silverfish is to call the experts at Icon Pest. We share our recommendations based on our 25 years of pest control experience in Ontario. Silverfish are good at hiding; their flat bodies and fast movements help them stay out of sight, yet our experts know where to look.

          Here are some steps to take so that silverfish don’t damage your belongings. 

          • Keep grains, cereals, pasta, and beans in air-tight containers.
          • Vacuum and sweep floors and upholstery to get rid of any crumbs. 
          • Clean gutters regularly to ensure water runs away from your home or building. 
          • Ensure open cracks and areas outside the house and around baseboards, windows, doors, and trim are sealed with caulking.

          Eliminate Silverfish in Vaughan

          When pests infest your home or business, getting professional help is necessary. Our experts know animal biology, and they use humane practices. Additionally, Icon Pest offers same-day service, has a 100% warranty policy, and has won numerous awards. 

          Don’t waste another moment. Call in the professionals. 

          Icon Pest is a full-service pest control and wildlife removal company that offers solutions to any critter problem. We work hard dealing with silverfish removal in Vaughan.

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