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Do you need spider treatment in Barrie? If the answer is YES, then Icon Pest is here to help you! Are you too afraid to deal with any spiders in or around your home? So if you have arachnophobia, calling us today is your best option. We even offer same-day service in some cases.

There are many ways people can protect themselves from a spider invasion. Prevention is always the best treatment. Keeping your house clean creates less space for spiders to . If there are no other insects in your home, then the spiders have nothing to eat. But one thing to remember is that if there are many spiders, you can pretty much expect there are further infestations as well.

Spiders live in all types of habitats, but thankfully, they are the most common predators of insects. Spider-season is usually considered to be from June to September. Most spiders are venomous, however very few are genuinely considered a health threat. Yet spider treatment is almost inevitable since there are over 1,400 species of spiders in Canada.

Spider Treatment in Barrie
Spider Treatment in Barrie 1

Spider Treatment in Barrie

Spiders can be annoying pests that attack people or pets. However, the good news is that the venom in most spider bites are usually harmless to humans, although some people are sensitive or allergic. Of course, disturbing spider nests or webs can cause aggressive behaviour. In these cases, hiring a pest control company is the best option!

Where Do Spiders Like to Hide In Homes?

Spiders don’t want to be around people and movement. They stay out of the way since they don’t want to be bothered. Yet it is good to know that they look for places close to food and water. Cleaning out these spaces around your house can stop the chance of spider infestation.

  • bookcases
  • under furniture
  • ceiling corners
  • within clutter
  • pantry – be sure food is closed
  • storage spaces
  • light fixtures

Decluttering by going through your house and getting rid of the things that no longer serve you is necessary. Spend time going through books, toys, clothing, and storage boxes to decide what you no longer need. 

How to Keep Spiders Away from Your Home in Barrie?

You can do some easy things to prevent spiders from hanging out in your space.

  • Sweep away cobwebs around your house. Pay attention to corners.
  • Clean out the eaves of your home with a broom.
  • Put garbage cans at a distance from your house. Spiders look for insects, and garbage is where we find insects.
  • Cut back the trees and bushes touching the house’s walls. Making space between the house and vegetation is essential.
  • Get rid of all rotten wood and leaves around the foundation of your house.
  • Check your door frames, doorways, basement walls, and windows for cracks and seal them up if necessary

The Major Types of Spiders in Ontario

Do you want to know more about the types of spiders in our area? Here is some more information for you. There are three types of spiders. Webspinners attack prey by entrapping them in webs. On the other hand, active hunters chase their prey while ambush hunters jump out at their target.

  • Webspinners

Orb weavers | Long-jawed orb weavers | Cobweb weavers | Cellar spiders | Sheet-web weavers | Funnel-web weavers | Mesh-web weavers | Hacklemesh weavers

  • Active Hunters

 Wolf spiders | Jumping spiders | Nursery web weavers | Prowling spiders | Ground spiders | Sac spiders | Ant Mimic spiders | Running crab spiders

  • Ambush Hunters

 Crab spiders

Types of Spiders in Ontario

Icon Pest Can Help You Treat Spider Infestations in Barrie

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Icon Pest offers a 100% money-back guarantee and will give you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied. Additionally, there is a 100% wildlife-proof against any future entry! With our 25 years of experience in pest control and wildlife removal, we are the best option for spider treatment in Barrie.

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