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Mosquito Removal in Richmond Hill

Mosquitos are not only annoying when they bite, but they can also carry diseases. Bites cause itching, inflammation, and swelling, and the diseases can make you very sick. No one likes mosquitos; most can’t wait to remove mosquitoes from their property.

Mosquitos love dark, wet, and hidden areas. They usually enter homes through open windows and doors. Mosquitos often hide in the following places: inside drawers, under and behind furniture, on the walls and ceilings, under sinks, closets, and laundry rooms.

Sometimes, we need to use a chemical solution. Insecticides on vegetation can help control this type of infestation. Insect growth regulators can also keep mosquitoes from developing in wet areas. This process is vital in preventing eggs from hatching.

Check out our 5-step process. Hiring Icon Pest means you can leave the step-by-step process to us. It can be a big job to do alone; for this reason, Icon Pest is available to assist you

  1. Inspection – We enter the space and determine what we are dealing with; each case gets a personalized plan.
  2. Diagnosis – Our experts identify the species and share the factors that contributed to its infestation
  3. Prescription – This step is when we share the treatment plan. 
  4. Application – Here is when we implement the prescription. This time is when we take action. 
  5. Evaluation – We must evaluate the situation after the fact to ensure a mosquito-free space.

Removing Mosquitoes from Your Space

There are many reasons to get rid of these pesky insects

  1. Mosquitoes can carry diseases and spread bacteria, parasites and viruses. The most common are Dengue, Zika, malaria, and West Nile. 
  2. The most common issue with mosquitos is biting and leaving behind annoying itchy skin. Scratching can lead to open wounds, which are susceptible to infection. Kids especially have a hard time leaving bites alone. 
  3. Light attracts all insects, so changing the environment by getting rid of bright lights. 
  4. Mosquitos breed in standing water. Be sure to eliminate all of these wet opportunities from your property. Prevention is always a good idea. You may need extra defences around ponds, lakes, marshes, and depressions that can create large puddles.  Be sure to eliminate all containers that can collect rainwater on your property. Mosquitos often go into potted plants, pet water bowls, and bird feeders and can hide in discarded tires and trash or neglected pools and drainage ditches.

Prevention Checklist 

Follow Icon Pest’s recommendations for keeping your yard mosquito-free. Let’s keep your yard in tip-top shape so you can focus on making family memories

  • Clean out your gutters.
  • Dump our water in pots, bird feeders, water bowls, containers, tires, and toys.
  • Keep your grass short and trim vegetation. 
  • Pay attention to the time they are most active and try to avoid that timeframe. 
  • Make a plan with Icon Pest! This idea is undoubtedly the right choice if the time the mosquitoes are most active falls into your prime outdoor time. 

Figuring out the answers to these questions is an excellent way to learn more about your mosquito problem. 

  • How many mosquitoes are there?
  • What types of mosquitos are they?
  • What are the sources?
  • Are these mosquitoes spreading germs?
  • Can we combat these issues with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insecticides?
  • How can I ensure the mosquitos won’t return?
  • What are the most successful practices for removing mosquitoes?

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