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Do you need help with mosquito removal in Toronto? With over 25 years of experience, Icon Pest can help you! No one has the time or energy to worry about mosquitos. Everyone wants to enjoy the great outdoors bug-free when the weather is good. 

It is essential to know about mosquitos to learn how to get rid of them. They hatch and develop in water. Therefore, reducing this source can get rid of them. Additionally, mosquitos are active right before dusk and night. 

The best way to begin the removal process is to call in an expert opinion. A treatment plan starts with a thorough inspection to determine the type of mosquitos on your property. Icon Pest is a well-trusted wildlife removal service. We help you live a pest-free life. 


Mosquito Removal in Toronto

Mosquitos are not only annoying when they bite, but they can also carry diseases. Bites cause itching, inflammation, and swelling, and the diseases they carry can make you very sick. Everyone has different ideas about mosquitos, yet the one thing everyone agrees on is that removing mosquitoes from your property is essential. 

Mosquitos love dark, wet, and hidden areas. They usually enter homes through open windows and doors. Mosquitos often hide in the following places: inside drawers, under and behind furniture, on the walls and ceilings, under sinks, closets, and laundry rooms.

Mosquitos breed in standing water. Therefore, they love areas such as puddles or close to ponds, lakes, and mashes. They often go into potted plants, pet water bowls, and bird feeders and can hide in discarded tires and trash or neglected pools and drainage ditches. Be on the lookout for standing water as it attracts mosquitoes.

If you are dealing with a mosquito infestation, check out our 5-step process. Hiring Icon Pest means you can leave the step-by-step process to us. It can be a big job to do alone; for this reason, Icon Pest is available to assist you.

Mosquito Removal Plan

Icon Pest has come up with an effective mosquito removal plan

1. Inspection: The inspection involves asking questions and diagnosing the problem. We will check the house and property and find the source of the problem. In addition, diagramming the area creates a map to follow.

Our goal is to ensure we keep these pests outside of your home. Mosquitoes love hiding spots and thrive in moisture. They often hide in vegetation, including under plant leaves, shrubs, and trees. 

2. Diagnosis: The diagnosis shares the type of pest and the factors contributing to its infestation. Identifying the species is easy for the experts at Icon Pest since they are well-trained, certified and experienced. They are knowledgeable about animal biology to identify the problem quickly.

3. Prescription: The prescription shares the treatment plan. Facts are needed first to share the best way to control the infestation. It includes handling the situation’s how, what, where, and when. 

4. Application: This step is the implementation of the prescription. The expert carries out the plan. Ask if you and your pets can be in the house. It is critical to plan accordingly depending on the treatment chosen. Sometimes, a chemical solution is needed. Insecticides on vegetation can help control this type of infestation. Insect growth regulators can also keep mosquitoes from developing in wet areas.  This process is vital in preventing eggs from hatching.

5. Evaluation: To ensure the mosquitos don’t return, evaluate the situation after the treatment. Additionally, this step is the way to determine if the application was successful. 

Learn More about Mosquitos

It is essential to be on the same page as the company you hire to help you. Communication is critical so that the job gets done right the first time. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and we can answer these questions.

  • How many mosquitoes are we dealing with here? 
  • What types of mosquitos are they?
  • What are the sources?
  • Are these mosquitoes spreading germs?
  • Can we combat these issues with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insecticides?
  • How can I ensure the mosquitos won’t return?
  • Are your current practices successful? What do your clients say about your work?

Icon Pest Can Help with Mosquito Removal in Toronto

Are you ready to get help? Icon Pest has a 10% discount for all first-time customers. We will refund you if you aren’t satisfied since we have a 100% pest and wildlife-proof guarantee against any future entry. We believe in our service and train our staff extensively. 

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