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Squirrel Removal Scarborough – Squirrel Control – Remove Squirrel from Attic

Squirrels are among the most common wildlife we often see on the streets of Toronto. The common squirrel species found in the region are eastern gray, chipmunks, and the red squirrels. Although people find them adorable, they can wreak a lot of damage. If you are from Scarborough, hire Icon Pest to get the best professional services for squirrel removal in Scarborough.

Threats and Damage Due to Squirrels

The squirrels usually chew aluminum, wood, and plastic. This ability puts your roof vents and other parts of your attic and roof at the risk of great damage. They not only chew the wiring system but also displace insulation apart from urinating and defecating in the attic. The defensive behavior of adult squirrels to protect their babies is risky for small children and pets. They also pose a health risk as parasites spread through their droppings.

Squirrels usually nest in attics and chimneys, making them useless. They chew the roof bit by bit, causing damage. Therefore, be alert and make a choice today to contact the right service provider, like Icon Pest, for effective squirrel removal in Scarborough.

Squirrel Removal Scarborough
Removal of Squirrels

Residents call pest control when they hear running noises and scratching sounds from their attic. There will usually be a hole in the roof that squirrels use for getting in and out. The experts at Icon Pest will arrive at the property for a complete inspection within 24 hours of your call. They will carry out exterior inspection and check the attic for damage signs.

One of the most common methods to remove squirrels is to use a one-way door system so that once all the squirrels are out, they cannot get back in. Being a professional wildlife control company for squirrel removal in Scarborough, Icon Pest has perfected this method. Once all the squirrels are driven out, it is important to safeguard other vulnerable areas on the roof like pipes, chimneys, and roof vents. This is important for the permanent and irreversible removal of squirrels from your property.

A Humane Job

Icon Pest’s holistic knowledge of nesting habits and seasonal behaviors of squirrels is an advantage for effective and professional squirrel removal in Scarborough. We use humane methods that not only solve the squirrel problems of homeowners but also give these creatures a chance to survive by relocating them to another better and natural environment.

Icon Pest has a positive and compassionate attitude towards wildlife, and hence, our experts thoroughly check for any babies or nests, so that they do not multiply again, causing long term damage for your properties. Our extensive practice and expertise help us in performing effective services, that don’t harm these creatures.

Why Icon Pest?

With a dedicated team of professional experts, our pest and wildlife control services are acclaimed in the industry. We have a successful track record related to squirrel removal in Scarborough. The quick response time and the guaranteed services make Icon Pest the go-to service for all pest related problems.

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