Bat Removal Barrie

Bat Removal Barrie

Icon Pest Control offers bat removal in Barrie. Even though bats are incredibly beneficial to our ecosystem, they eat 600 mosquitos an hour; you still don’t want them to live in your house. Bats can easily live in a home, live in large colonies, leave behind many droppings (guano) and urine, and potentially carry rabies.

Icon Pest control offers a detailed estimate for all bat removal services in Barrie. We communicate with you effectively; our prices are affordable, we always put your safety and the safety of your family first, and we have the skills and tools to remove bats successfully.

Expertise: We have thorough experience with wildlife removal and pest control in the Barrie area.
Safety first: Our technicians are well protected and make the safety of our customers our priority.
Flexibility: Whether you are in a home or office setting, we are ready for the different kinds of spaces bats have invaded and occupied. We are always accommodating and will create a plan with which you are comfortable.
Skill: Our staff has the right tools and supplies to get the job done quickly and adequately.
Communication: Our technicians will give you recommendations and can answer any questions you may have.

Once bats move into a house, they rarely relocate. So if a colony has decided that your home makes an excellent roost, it is likely they will stay for a while. And while they are roosting, they’ll leave droppings and urinate, which could cause structural damage if not cleaned up. You could have waste dripping through ceilings, ruining insulation, or even soaking particleboard and sheetrock. Bats will devalue your property even if they don’t chew your house like rats and raccoons.

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Hiring a Professional to Remove Bats in Barrie

Once a bat finds a roost, they don’t like to relocate. Under ideal conditions, brown bats can live up to 30 years! So if they have decided that your attic is their home, they will be there for a while. 

And even though bats aren’t as scary and dangerous as they seem in the movies, allowing a bat colony to live in your home will decrease your property values and create potential harm to you and your family. 

  • Disease
    • Histoplasmosis
      • Histoplasmosis is a respiratory infection caused by breathing in spores found in bat guano. When you disturb bat droppings, like trying to clean up the mess, the spores are airborne. If histoplasmosis spreads beyond the lungs, it may be fatal. 
  • Bat urine
    • Bats urinate wherever they roost. The main concern with bat urine is not human health-related, but the high concentration of uric acid means it corrodes materials such as metal. There have been incidents where people thought they had a water leak in their attic, but in reality, bat urine ate through the home’s interior. 
  • Droppings
    • Bat droppings are called guano. Bat droppings can carry disease.

Always wear face-covering when inspecting bat droppings. Always hire a professional to clean up bat droppings to keep you and your family safe. 

  • Rabies
    • The chances of a rabid bat biting you and you getting rabies are minimal. More common is a family pet interacting with a rabid bat, and the pet gets rabies. However, humans can still contract rabies from a bat if infected saliva comes in contact with any open wounds or scraps or comes in contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth. Keep in mind; it’s almost impossible to tell if a bat is rabid. Usually, it needs to be sent to a laboratory to determine the health of a bat. 
  • Odour
    • The odour of a bat colony is pungent and unpleasant. Although the smell is not harmful to humans, it will decrease property values and reduce your quality of life living in a bat-infested home. 
  • Dead Bats
    • The smell of a trapped, dead bat and its accompanying urine and guano is unpleasant. Not removing a dead bat invites insects to feed on the decomposing mammal.

Why Hire Icon Pest for Bat Removal?

Icon Pest is the best professional for bat removal in the GTA.  

  • First-time customers receive 10% off any services.
  • We ensure your home is 100% wildlife-proof against any future entry.
  • Icon Pest has over 25-year experience in wildlife removal.
  • If you aren’t satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

Icon Pest will inspect your home or business and locate all bat entry and exit points. We’ll also find any potential future entry points. We always take care of all your bat problems efficiently and ethically. Our professionals have experience dealing with bat infestations in homes and businesses. Act quickly and hire the right professional for bat removal in the GTA. We understand that emergencies can happen at all hours. We will give you a free quote, and you can book an appointment with Icon Pest at the time that serves you best. 

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