Bat Removal in Brampton

Bat Removal in Brampton 

Icon Pest Control offers bat removal in Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area. Even though bats are incredibly beneficial to the ecosystem, after all, they do eat 600 mosquitos an hour; you still don’t want them living in your house. Bats can easily live in a home, live in large colonies, leave behind a lot of urine and droppings (guano), and potentially carry rabies.

Icon Pest control offers a detailed estimate for all bat removal services in Brampton. Our prices are affordable, we communicate with you effectively, have the skills and tools to remove bats successfully, and always put your safety and the safety of your family first.

  • Expertise: We have thorough experience with wildlife removal and pest control in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Flexibility: Whether you are in a home or office setting, we are ready for the different kinds of spaces bats have invaded and occupied. We are always accommodating and will create a plan with which you are comfortable.
  • Communication: Our technicians will give you recommendations and can answer any questions you may have.
  • Skill: Our staff has the right tools and supplies to get the job done quickly and adequately.
  • Safety first: Our technicians are well protected and make the safety of our customers our priority.

Bats are mammals and have adapted their forearms as wings to be the only mammals capable of actual and sustained flying. Many bats are insectivores, meaning they eat insects. Other bats eat fruit and drink nectar from flowers. Bats are vital to ecosystems – they pollinate flowers and disperse seeds. Bats also eat insect pests which is beneficial, and still, bats spread diseases quickly among themselves and can become potentially dangerous to humans.

Why is Bat Removal Required?

Once bats move into a house, they rarely relocate. So if a colony has decided that your home makes an excellent roost, they will probably stay for a while. And while they are roosting, they’ll urinate and leave droppings which could cause structural damage if not cleaned up. You could have waste dripping through ceilings, ruining insulation, or even soaking particleboard and sheetrock. Bats don’t chew your house like rats and raccoons, but they will devalue your property.

Another reason to remove bats is to stop the spread of disease. Bats rarely bite humans, and still, bats carry rabies that passes to our family pets. Dogs are responsible for 99% of human rabies cases. In addition to rabies, bats’ droppings have histoplasmosis spores, a disease that affects the lungs.

In addition, bats carry bat mites, which are often mistaken for bed bugs. Bat mites are easily spread to humans and behave the way bedbugs behave.

Why Hire Icon Pest Control for Bat Removal in Brampton?

Icon Pest control responds quickly to client calls so you can start living a bat-free life. We have over twenty-five years of experience in pest control and wildlife removal. Icon Pest ensures your home is 100% wildlife-proof against any future bat entry. First-time customers receive 10% off any of our services.

Icon Pest always humanely removes bats from your property. The humane and legal way to remove bats is through a process called “exclusion.”

  • Find the entry spot and exit point and install a Batcone – A Batcone is a tube-shaped device made out of plastic or acrylic and has a downward pitch and slippery surface. Bats can exit the space quickly but are prevented from reentry. Netting is also used and works the same as a Batcone.
  • Suit up & Clean up – We’ll clean the urine and droppings from your space, and we’ll be protected from dust and insulation fibers.
  • Find every hole on the roof and every crack in the siding – Bats only needed inches of space to enter an attic. Icon Pest combs every inch of the exterior to find all holes and gaps and caulk every possible entry point.
  • Attach a screen attic vent (if applicable) – Bats can even roost in a louver attic vent.
  • Spray deodorizer – With bat removal, it’s not enough to remove the bats. You need to remove the odor too.

After the bat removal, we recommend that you install a bat house on your chimney. Bats will continue to return to a roost, especially if they have lived there a long time. You provide them with a viable solution outside your home to increase their chance of living in the bat house instead of your house. The higher you install a bat house, the more likely it will be effective.

Our technicians at Icon Pest are well-trained to assist you with the best and most effective bat removal in Brampton. We have access to the right tools and equipment to effectively help you find a long-term solution to keep your property bat-free. Removing these pests from chimneys and attics must be done effectively to ensure a long-term solution.

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