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  • Licensed Bat Removal Experts
  • First-time customers save 10%
  • Commercial & Residential Bat Removal
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Icon Pest Services of Brampton welcomes you! We are experts in providing humane bat removal solutions designed specifically for the residents of Brampton. While bats play a crucial role in the ecosystem by eating mosquitoes, having them in your home is not ideal. In Brampton, particularly near Heart Lake Conservation Area and Gage Park, bats commonly roost in attics and barns.

Their large colonies can leave behind urine and droppings, leading to health risks and unpleasant odours. Some bats may also carry rabies. Our team is well-equipped to address these issues and offer safe and efficient bat removal services to homeowners in Brampton.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our main focus at Icon Pest is ensuring your complete satisfaction with our bat removal services. We stand behind the effectiveness and reliability of our methods. If you are not happy with the results, we will continue working until we meet your expectations.

Bat Removal Near You

Contact Icon Pest for ethical bat removal. If you detect strange smells, marks on the walls, or unusual odours, bats may be residing in your attic or walls. Bats are protected and require exclusion, not extermination, to safely remove them from your home. Reach out to Icon Pest at (647) 325-9060 for local bat removal services.

Get Rid of Bats Permanently in Brampton

Bat removal is our specialty. We proudly help hundreds of customers in Brampton and the surrounding areas of Mississauga, Caledon, Georgetown, Milton, and Etobicoke.

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Choose Icon Pest as your reliable and trusted pest control company for all your pest control needs. We are here to help you keep your property pest-free.

Bat Removal Packages

Bat Inspection and Control Package

Bat Inspection and Control Package

The Bat Inspection and Control Package includes a thorough inspection of the property to identify bat entry points and potential roosting sites, followed by the implementation of control measures such as sealing off entry points and installing exclusion devices to safely remove bats from the premises.
Bat Prevention and Exclusion Package

Bat Prevention and Exclusion Package

The Bat Prevention and Exclusion Package focuses on proactively preventing bat infestations by sealing off potential entry points, installing bat-proof barriers, and providing ongoing maintenance to ensure that bats are kept out of the property in the long term.
Emergency Bat Removal Package

Emergency Bat Removal Package

The Emergency Bat Removal Package provides immediate and efficient removal of bats from a property in the event of a sudden infestation, including emergency response services and rapid removal methods to safely and effectively eliminate bats from the premises.
Commercial Bat Removal Package

Commercial Bat Removal Package

The Commercial Bat Removal Package is customized for businesses and commercial properties, offering comprehensive bat removal services tailored to the unique needs of commercial buildings, including thorough inspections, professional removal techniques, and ongoing maintenance to prevent future infestations.

Why Choose Us for Bat Removal in Brampton?

Our skilled technicians provide professional and licensed bat removal services in Brampton and surrounding areas. We prioritize customer satisfaction and follow humane methods that align with the Government of Ontario Guidelines. With years of experience helping hundreds of customers, Icon Pest Control is a reliable choice for effective bat removal solutions.

Why Choose Icon Pest for Pest Control and Wildlife Removal

Our Commitment to Professional Bat Removal Services


With extensive experience in wildlife removal and pest control, our team at Icon Pest is well-equipped to handle bat removal in Brampton efficiently.


Whether it’s a home or office setting, our technicians are prepared to tackle various spaces where bats have invaded. We are adaptable and will work with you to create a removal plan that suits your needs.


Our knowledgeable technicians are ready to provide recommendations and address any questions you may have regarding bat removal in Brampton.

Safety First

Our technicians prioritize safety, ensuring they are well-protected while also considering the safety of our customers during the bat removal process in Brampton.


Equipped with the right tools and supplies, our staff at Icon Pest ensures that the job is done effectively and promptly.


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Common Bat Problems in Brampton

Common Bat Problems - Bat Droppings and Mess

Bat droppings and mess

Residents in Downtown Brampton often discover bat guano in their attics and other quiet areas of their homes.
Common Bat Problems - Unpleasant Oodours

Unpleasant odours

The strong smell of bat guano is a common issue in densely populated areas like Brampton South.
Common Bat Problems - Disruptive Noises

Disruptive noises

Bats in Brampton, particularly around Gage Park and Eldorado Park, can create disturbances at night with their rustling and fluttering sounds.
Common Bat Problems - Diseases


Bats in Brampton may carry diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis, posing health risks in neighbourhoods such as Peel Village.

Common Bat Problems - Structural Damage

Structural damage

Bat droppings and urine can cause significant harm to older homes in locations like Northwood Park.
Common Bat Problems - Bat Mites

Bat mites

Bats harbour mites that can spread to humans and pets, especially in green spaces like Chinguacousy Park.

Our Bat Removal Process in Brampton

Here’s how Icon Pest handles bat removal:

step 1 - Get an Estimate

Step 1


Our professionals will conduct a thorough inspection to locate where bats are entering your property. The $85 inspection fee is waived if you decide to hire us for the removal services.
Bat Prevention and Exclusion Package

Step 2


We will install one-way doors and seal off entry points to prevent bats from re-entering your property after removal. This proactive approach ensures effective bat removal and long-term prevention measures.
step 4 - Cleanup

Step 3


Once the bats have been safely removed from your property, our team will return to thoroughly clean up and remove all equipment used during the removal process. This final step ensures that your property is bat-free and back to its original state.

Exclusion Method

A process called “exclusion” is the humane and legal way to remove bats. The following activities may be involved with your specific property:

Batcone Installation

We use a specially designed tube-shaped device to safely remove bats from your property, ensuring they can exit but not re-enter.


Our professional team utilizes netting to effectively exclude bats from re-entering your home while allowing them to leave safely.

Sealing Entry Points

We meticulously inspect and seal all potential entry points around your property to prevent bats from gaining access to your attic.

Screen Attic Vent

To prevent bats from roosting in your attic, we install screens on attic vents as a proactive measure.


We eliminate any lingering odours left behind by bats with our targeted deodourizing spray treatment.

Bat House Installation

Consider installing a bat house on your chimney as a humane alternative to provide bats with a new roosting location away from your home.

Customer Testimonials

Peace of mind.

After hearing strange noises in our attic, we found out we had bats. Icon Pest responded quickly and was very professional. James, the technician, was polite and explained every step of the process. He removed the bats humanely and made sure our home was safe from future infestations. We’re very happy with the service.

Sarah B.

Brampton, ON

Great service and results.

We had bats in our attic, and Icon Pest helped us out. Sarah, the technician, was very knowledgeable and quick. She found all the entry points and sealed them properly. The follow-up service was also fast and thorough. I highly recommend Icon Pest for bat problems.

James R.

Brampton, ON

Amazing experience!

Icon Pest was fantastic when we had bats in our attic. Mike, the technician, was super friendly and knew exactly what to do. He explained everything clearly and made sure all the entry points were sealed. The whole process was smooth and stress-free. I’m very happy with their service!

Emily T.

Brampton, ON

Same-Day Bat Removal in Brampton

Our same-day bat removal services are available in Brampton and in the GTA, and our next-day services are available in the Extended GTA as well.
For immediate assistance, please contact us.

Top 5 Places Bats are Likely to Invade in Brampton

Top 5 Places Bats are Likely to Invade - Attics and Roof Spaces

Attics and Roof Spaces

Bats frequently seek refuge in attics and roof spaces, especially in older homes near Heart Lake Conservation Area. Our expertise in bat removal can effectively address any infestations in these areas.
Top 5 Places Bats are Likely to Invade - Chimneys and Vents

Chimneys and Vents

Chimneys and vents are common entry points for bats, particularly in homes around Bramalea City Centre. Our professional team can safely remove bats from these areas to ensure a bat-free environment.
Top 5 Places Bats are Likely to Invade - Wall Cavities and Soffits

Wall Cavities and Soffits

Bats may enter homes through small gaps in wall cavities and soffits, often found in properties near Gage Park. Our specialized techniques can locate and remove bats hidden in these spaces.
Top 5 Places Bats are Likely to Invade - Gutters and Eaves

Gutters and Eaves

Gaps in gutters and eaves provide pathways for bats to enter homes, a frequent occurrence in properties close to Brampton Civic Hospital. We can effectively seal off these entry points to prevent further bat intrusion.
Top 5 Places Bats are Likely to Invade - Basements and Crawl Spaces

Basements and Crawl Spaces

Bats can access basements and crawl spaces through gaps or vents, particularly in homes near Mount Pleasant Village. Our team can safely remove bats from these areas and implement measures to prevent future infestations.

Areas We Serve Near Brampton

In addition to Brampton, we proudly serve Mississauga, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill in the surrounding areas.

Icon Pest - Bat Removal Mississauga

Bat Removal Mississauga

Icon Pest Services in Mississauga offers humane bat removal solutions. For more information and to schedule a consultation about our Mississauga bat removal services, explore our services.
Emergency Bat Removal Package

Bat Removal Vaughan

Dealing with bat infestations in Vaughan? Our team provides quick and humane bat removal services. Explore our services to learn more and book an appointment for Vaughan bat removal.
Icon Pest - Bat Removal Richmond Hill

Bat Removal Richmond Hill

Icon Pest Control offers reliable bat removal services in Richmond Hill. Explore our services for details and to get started with Richmond Hill bat removal.

If you need expert bat removal in Brampton, call us today!

Local News or Updates: Bat Removal in Brampton

Brampton’s Bat Preservation and Safety Measures

Brampton is making strides in promoting the safety and protection of bats, particularly in the vicinity of Heart Lake Conservation Area. Recent initiatives involve hosting informative sessions on ethically excluding bats and establishing environments that support bat populations. Stay informed by visiting the City of Brampton’s wildlife conservation section for the latest developments.
Source: City of Brampton’s wildlife management website

FAQs About Bat Removal in Brampton

How do I know if I have a bat infestation in my home?
Watch for bat droppings, wall stains, strange night noises, or a strong ammonia smell. If you notice these signs, it’s time to call Icon Pest for a thorough inspection.
Are your bat removal methods humane and safe?
Our methods are designed to be humane and follow Ontario guidelines. We use exclusion techniques to safely remove bats without causing them harm.
What should I do if I find a bat in my house?
Never try to handle a bat yourself, as it can be dangerous. Contact Icon Pest immediately, and our professional technicians will safely remove the bat from your home.
How quickly can you respond to a bat removal request in Brampton?
We offer same-day bat removal services in the GTA and next-day services in the Extended GTA. Our quick response ensures your bat problem is addressed promptly.
What is the cost of bat removal services in Brampton?

The inspection fee is $85, which we waive if you hire us for the removal service. For an accurate quote tailored to your situation, give Icon Pest a call directly.

Can bats cause structural damage to my property in Brampton?
Yes, bat droppings (guano) and urine can cause significant damage to insulation, wood, and other building materials. It’s crucial to address a bat infestation quickly to minimize potential structural harm.
Are bats in Brampton known to carry disease?
Bats can indeed carry diseases such as rabies and histoplasmosis. Professional removal is essential to minimize health risks associated with bat infestations.
What areas of my home are bats most likely to infest?
Bats often choose attics, chimneys, and wall voids as their roosting spots. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect these areas during the bat removal process to ensure complete elimination.
How do you prevent bats from returning to my Brampton home?
We seal all potential entry points and install one-way doors to prevent bats from re-entering your home. Additionally, we recommend installing a bat house outside as an alternative roosting spot to keep them away from your living space.
Why should I choose Icon Pest for bat removal in Brampton?
Icon Pest offers professional, humane, and effective bat removal services with experienced, licensed technicians. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services.

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