Bat Removal Services in Mississauga

Bat Removal Services in Mississauga

Mississauga sits on the shores of Lake Ontario, bordering Toronto to the east. It has 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) of shoreline with a substantial river and creek system. With all of these water systems available and the caves and bridges that go with them, bats have various daytime retreats and nighttime locations for their homes called roosts.

Bats spend most of the winter hibernating and use fat sources for fuel. As spring comes to Mississauga bats, they begin to emerge. By April, most bats have come out of hibernation and are actively feeding on insects most nights. A bat may have several roost sites, not just one. By May, bats are fully active and feeding. Female bats form maternity colonies and search for suitable nursery sites. Males bats roost on their own or form small colonies.

Female bats give birth to a single pup and feed the bat pup with her milk. Young bats are tiny, less than one inch. A mother bat will eat up to 4,000 insects a night to stay nourished. Young bats learn to fly after three weeks of age and are ready to catch their own insects for food by six weeks old. The summer maternity colonies begin to disperse, and bats search for mating roosts. In late summer/early fall, mating season begins. Bats focus on eating insects to build up their fat stores for the coming months. By October, bats are mating, and building up fat is critical to survival through hibernation. Bats also begin to seek hibernation roosts. Some bats start to hibernate as early as November. By December, bats are hibernating. They roost alone or in small colonies.

Why Should I Remove Bats from my Home in Mississauga?

Removing bats from a house is called exclusion, and recommended to remove bats from your home as it’s unlikely they will relocate on their own. Why should you remove bats from your home? What damage will they cause?

  • Odors
    • Bats urinate and drop guana everywhere that they roost. The urine is high in uric acid and aromatic. The odor can overtake your living spaces and be very unpleasant. 
    • If a bat gets trapped away from the colony and dies in a wall space, the stench will become overwhelming. 
  • Droppings
    • Bat poop is called guano. Guano can contain spores of histoplasmosis, which is harmful to humans. 
    • Bat urine has high concentrations of uric acid. Over time the urine may cause wood deterioration.
  • Noises
    • Constant rustling, scratching, and fluttering noises from your attic during the day can disrupt your quality of life. 
  • Dangers of disease
    • As reference above, guana may contain spores of histoplasmosis. When guano dusted is inhaled, it can cause an infection in the lungs. The infection can cause respiratory issues, fatigue, cough, fever, and in people with weakened immune systems, it can be fatal.
    • Bats also carry rabies. Although the chances of been bitten by a rabid bat are slim, only a laboratory can determine if a bat has rabies. If bitten by a bat, please seek medical attention immediately.

Why Should I Hire IconPest for my Bat Removal in Mississauga?

Icon Pest responds quickly to client calls so you can start living a bat-free life. We have over twenty-five years of experience in pest control and wildlife removal. Icon Pest ensures your home is 100% wildlife-proof against any future bat entry. First-time customers receive 10% off any of our services.

Icon Pest always humanely removes bats from your property. The humane and legal way to remove bats is through a process called “exclusion.”

  • Find the entry and exit point and install a Batcone – A Batcone is a tube-shaped device made out of plastic or acrylic and has a downward pitch and slippery surface. Bats can exit the space quickly but are prevented from reentry. Netting is also used and works the same as a Batcone.
  • Suit up & Clean up – We’ll clean the urine and droppings from your space, and we’ll be protected from dust and insulation fibers. 
  • Find every crack and hole on the roof – Bats only needed inches of space to enter an attic. Icon Pest combs every inch of the exterior to find all holes and gaps and caulk every possible entry point. 
  • Attach a screen attic vent (if applicable) – Bats can even roost in a louver attic vent. 
  • Spray deodorizer – With bat removal, it’s not enough to remove the bats. You need to remove the odor too.

After the bat removal, we recommend that you install a bat house on your chimney or nearby tree. Bats will continue to return to a roost, especially if they have lived there a long time. You provide them with a viable solution outside your home to increase their chance of living in the bat house instead of your house. The higher you install a bat house, the more likely it will be effective. 

Our technicians at Icon Pest are well-trained to assist you with the best and most effective bat removal in Mississauga. We have access to the right tools and equipment to effectively help you find a long-term solution to keep your property bat-free. Removing these pests from garages, chimneys, and attics must be done effectively to ensure a long-term solution.

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