Bird Removal Brampton

Icon Pest Bird Removal in Brampton

Icon Pest Removal has over 25 years of experience in the humane and safe removal of birds in Brampton. Hearing noises through the night or finding a mess in your home or business caused by birds can be very frightening. We have hundreds of customers in your area who trust Icon Pest & Wildlife Control to deliver efficient service.

Icon Pest Control is among the best companies for bird removal in Brampton in Ontario. Our highly skilled and trained professionals deliver affordable, safe and sanitized bird removal solutions for your problem.

For a free, no-obligation quote for your bird removal needs. Please call Icon Pest at  (647) 325 9060.

Bird Removal Brampton

Why is Icon Pest your best choice for bird removal in Brampton?

Fast response

The minute you discover you have a bird infestation, it is essential to act fast. Birds are a nuisance and can damage your property. We respond quickly and offer 24-hour emergency services and get to work immediately.

Detailed work

Birds carry a lot of nesting material, and once they have, hatchlings will be placed in an incubator once they are born. If people come close to the nest, they risk being attacked by the birds. Our technicians know how to remove the nests safely after a thorough inspection.

Effective techniques

Once our experts have inspected the area thoroughly, they will begin safely extracting the birds and cleaning and sanitizing the once inhabited area. Our technicians also seal the area to prevent an infestation in the future.

Full Service

After removal, we shift our focus to prevention. We will work to block, seal and eliminate entry points in and around your property.

Bird removal brampton


How do you know if you have birds at home or your business?

Birds, including sparrows, pigeons, crows and the like, can pose serious health problems to our families and customers. Allowing a bird infestation to exist around your property is never a good idea. Do you might have a problem with pest birds, but you’re still unsure? Here are some sure-fire signs you have a pest bird infestation around your property.

  1. The first sign is quite obvious: you notice birds nesting or sleeping on your property. If many birds are hanging around, even if you don’t have an established infestation now, you will likely have one soon.
  2. You notice a large number of bird droppings on flat surfaces and around the perimeter of your building.
  3. You have a high level of insects in the area; this may be attracting the birds in the first place.
  4. You notice the pests that are associated with pest birds, including flies, fleas or even mice.
  5. You recognize a foul odour in or around your premises that can’t be blamed on garbage or rotting materials.

Prompt, professional service. They arrived when they said they would and persisted until raccoons were captured. All texts and calls were returned promptly.

L Toronto

Amazing job by these guys. Showed up on time, did all the work quoted and very friendly & clean

V Toronto

Many thanks for your knowledge, expertise & quick response to our pest control needs. Icon Pest Control & Wildlife Removal provides quality service at a fair price.

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