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Icon Pest is your source for practical, affordable and guaranteed bird removal in Scarborough.
At Icon Pest, we have provided over two decades of residential and commercial pest control solutions to happy clients. If you need urgent service, do call us at 647- 325-9060.
Did you know we provide 24-hour emergency response at no charge to you? Bird infestations can be a severe problem that has affected thousands of business owners within the GTA. Our technicians are professional and possess a sense of urgency to solve your pest control issues quickly.

When you hire Icon Pest for Bird Removal in Scarborough, you can expect:
Affordable prices
Highly experienced and fully licensed technicians.
Fast, reliable service with a quick response time.

We are trained professionals licensed to tackle birds’ removal most safely and humanely as per laws. Call us today, and we will have one of our trained technicians come to visit and inspect your property to assess the situation and deliver the right solution for you.

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Common hiding spots for Birds

To effectively remove birds from your property, it is vital to know your approach. Understanding and knowing the common areas where birds hide and prefer to nest is imperative.

Common hiding spots include:

Pigeons use building corners and flat roofs to nest.
Balconies, ledges and chimney stacks are favourite areas for nesting.
Any gap more significant than 25mm is a potential entry point for Pigeons.

Icon Pest Bird Removal Scarborough
Why Choose Icon Pest for Bird Removal In Scarborough?

We have over 25 years of bird removal experience in Scarborough and the GTA, making us a reliable and trustworthy pest control partner.

Icon Pest offers a 24-hour emergency response. Our technicians are highly skilled in bird removal and adhere to the Migratory Birds Convention Act. The success of our business is due to our transparency, value and quality.

Our pricing is competitive and straightforward. Our customers know that we are transparent in our business when working with us.

The quality of our work has earned us high customer satisfaction and retention. Our work is thorough and meticulous from start to finish.

We understand how debilitating and disruptive it is to discover bird infestation in your business or home. Bird infestation also poses many health threats to humans historically; they have been responsible for spreading diseases, bacteria and viruses. Icon Pest & Wildlife Control Services offers you peace of mind by handling bird removal with industry-grade tools and proven techniques.

How to Keep Pest Birds Away

The best way to keep birds away is to remove them from their food source. However, this may not be practical in busy urban areas. Here are a few solutions you could try:
Remove any access to nesting sites (for instance, by putting barriers over window ledges) can be an effective bird deterrent.
Keep any possible food sources well hidden.
Ensure bin lids are secure and trash bags are not left in the open — birds like crows have sharp beaks that will make short work of trash bags.

Professional bird removal services are critical for removing pest birds from your business and home. We can help you remove the birds from your home or business safely and humanely and also help prevent bird infestation in the future. For bird removal in Scarborough, please contact Icon Pest & Wildlife Control Centre at (647) 325 9060.

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Prompt, professional service. They arrived when they said they would and persisted until raccoons were captured. All texts and calls were returned promptly.

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Amazing job by these guys. Showed up on time, did all the work quoted and very friendly & clean

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Many thanks for your knowledge, expertise & quick response to our pest control needs. Icon Pest Control & Wildlife Removal provides quality service at a fair price.

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