Bird Removal Pickering

Bird Removal Pickering

Icon Pest provides fast and efficient wildlife control and bird removal in Pickering. Whether you are facing a bird as an uninvited guest, a rat infestation or even suspect raccoons, we can help you solve the sounds that are going bump in the night! Our team of dedicated individuals has the experience, knowledge and tools to help you solve the issue. 

We have over 25 years of experience and many happy and satisfied customers that give us an edge over other customers. We deliver exceptional service at affordable rates.

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Bird Removal Pickering

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Icon Pest has earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating. We are a Canadian-owned business that provides timely, dependable solutions for your pest control issues.


Bird removal Pickering
Commonly used Bird Baits.

Filling a feeder inside a trap to lure in birds are the most common method of bird baits. Using bird feed or millet to entice them and then trap them. Birds are intelligent creatures and can evade the trap by eating outside of it. Bird nets is another method of trapping birds; here, the bird can get entangled within the net, and it can be a  tricky procedure to try to get them out. 


Wondering if you need Professional Bird Removal Service in Pickering?

Icon Pest responds rapidly to eliminate your pest issues efficiently, humanely and safely. 

If you suspect that you might have birds in your home or business, refrain from wasting time trying to buy expensive gadgets or resorting to unsafe methods to eradicate them. Knowing what you’re dealing with is half the battle won. Some of the more common birds are Pigeons; they usually nest in buildings in towns and cities and on window sills, balconies. Etc.

House Sparrows typically enter homes through stove vents, bathroom vents, dryer vents and smaller spaces where they can find shelter. Common Starlings usually inhabit urban areas and enter houses through chimneys, stoves, vents or any opening they can fit through. 

While many homeowners resort to DIY traps or methods to release the birds, it is recommended that you contact a pest control professional to save you time and money.

How do you know if you have a bird infestation?


Birds like Pigeons know how to survive in most environments. They scavenge around for food strewn around and only need a small amount of shelter to make their nests. The longer birds are allowed to nest or roost in an unwanted area, the harder they will be to remove.


Common signs of bird infestation

1. Birds settling on roofs or ledges. 

2. Bird noises – continuous cries, especially from young chicks.

3. Bird nests – nesting materials all-around your premises.

4. Damaged stock – from pecking and bird fouling.

5. Droppings – concentrated in areas where birds roost.

A good pest control company understands that prevention is a crucial component for risk management and takes steps to advise home and business owners alike of the areas it is most vulnerable to infestation. For professional bird removal service, contact Icon Pest at 647-325-9060.


Prompt, professional service. They arrived when they said they would and persisted until raccoons were captured. All texts and calls were returned promptly.

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Amazing job by these guys. Showed up on time, did all the work quoted and very friendly & clean

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Many thanks for your knowledge, expertise & quick response to our pest control needs. Icon Pest Control & Wildlife Removal provides quality service at a fair price.

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