Hire Bat Removal Services in Ajax

Hire Bat Removal Services in Ajax 

The Town of Ajax is a diverse and vibrant waterfront community and a unique place where people, nature, and history connect. The natural environment is essential to Ajax’s people, and Ajax is a proud Great Lakes community. There is a seven-kilometer stretch of publicly owned and maintained waterfront. Ajax has 400 hectares of open spaces and conservation areas that allow a perfect escape into nature.

This perfect blend of development and nature means wildlife is always nearby. Bats are the only mammals that can indeed fly and perform a valuable service by controlling the population of mosquitos and other insects. Little brown bats can eat more than 600 mosquitos in an hour!

Bats make their home, called “roosts,” in many different places. Sometimes bats set up roost in your home. You’ll find them in attics, chimneys, and cracks in the exterior of your home.

How Can You Tell a Bat is Living in Your Home?

  • Piles of droppings in the corner of an attic or entry point
    • Bat poop is about the size of a staple and looks like a tiny black seed. If the droppings are dry, they are not fresh. If the droppings are soft, you probably have bats living in your home. 
  • Droppings on attic insulation
    • If the droppings have a white tip at the end, it’s probably a reptile dropping (which looks similar to bat guano). If the droppings look like seeds, you’re probably dealing with bats; their droppings are in the shape of an oval with no white. 
  • Stains on the attic walls from urine
    • Bat urine isn’t particularly harmful, but it has a high concentration of uric acid. The urine itself can be corrosive. So any materials that come in repeated contact with bat urine can be damaged and need to be replaced. 
  • Your attic smells like ammonia, caused by excrement.
    • Bat urine has a musty, ammonia-like smell, and the bigger the colony, the more powerful the stench.
  • You hear small squeaking noises or scratching.
    • When outside, you can’t pick up on the sounds bats make. However, when indoors, the noises are amplified by the insulation and the compact enclosure.
  • You see alive or dead bats.
    • If you see a random bat in your closet or living room, it probably got there by accident, which doesn’t mean a colony lives in the attic. And still, if you have noticed other signs and a rogue bat is flying in your kitchen, it may have gotten lost from the colony, and it would be wise to investigate.

Hire the Right Professional for Bat Removal in Ajax

Icon Pest is the best professional for bat removal in Ajax. 

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  • We ensure your home is 100% wildlife proof against any future entry
  • Icon Pest has over 25-year experience in wildlife removal


Icon Pest will inspect your home or business and locate all entry and exit points. We’ll also find any potential future entry points. We always take care of all your wildlife problems efficiently and ethically. Our professionals have experience dealing with wildlife infestations in homes and businesses. Act quickly and hire the right professional for bat removal in Ajax – Icon Pest. We understand that emergencies can happen at all hours. We will give you a free quote, and you can book an appointment with Icon Pest at the time that serves you best. 

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We also offer raccoon removal, groundhog removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, and dead animal removal, in addition to bat removal.

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