Mice Removal Ajax
Mice Removal Ajax

Icon Pest is a reputable and well-respected Canadian pest control company providing complete commercial and residential pest control and wildlife control services throughout the GTA, including mice removal in Ajax.  

Mice removal is among our pest control specialties.  We routinely receive frantic calls from residents reporting mice and rat infestations.  Based on our 25 years of experience in this field, we are confident we can deliver the results our customers have come to expect from us. 

If you are experiencing a mouse infestation in your home or business, we can help. 

We have a fleet of fully-equipped service vans and expert technicians who are at your service. 

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Mice removal ajax
Need professional mice removal in Ajax?

If you suspect you have mice in your home or commercial business, it is necessary to address the mouse infestation immediately.  Mice populations grow rapidly and can become difficult to eradicate. Targeting infestations while colonies are small is your best, and most cost-effective, chances of success.

Rest assured, mice, rats, and other rodent infestations are very common and have existed throughout history. As creatures seeking food and shelter, mice are drawn to humans and populated areas. With so many dark, protected areas to hide, make nests, and access food, our homes and businesses are a prime target for these pesky rodents.

Mice are commonly known as carriers of disease, be it in their urine, saliva, or feces, and potentially carry a variety of viruses such as Hantavirus, Hemorrhagic fever, Lassa fever, LCM, OHF, and other diseases (CDC). This makes mouse infestations not only troublesome but also dangerous, to humans.

Trying to tackle a mouse infestation on your own can be risky. In most cases, a qualified pest control professional to eradicate mice from your property is your best course of action.  

Mice removal techniques 

Mice have been pestering humans for a very long time.  Naturally, there are many extermination techniques that vary from use of pesticides and poisons to traps to baits. 

The most common DIY mouse removal technique involves the use of glue traps.  While these are the economical approach to mice removal, they require proper placement to be effective.   

Snap traps have also been widely used but they pose certain challenges as well, including their evident threat to children and animals and their ‘inhumane’ stigma.  Live traps require greater expertise and involve the disposal of the captured creatures.    Exterminators rely on poisons and pesticide varieties to eliminate mouse infestations and require proper licensing and experience to address a variety of health & safety concerns.  Depending on the level of infestation, less or more extreme pest control methods will need to be used. 

In all cases, to be effective in removing mice from your home and property, you need in-depth knowledge of the habits and behavior of these rodents. Given that mouse populations grow rapidly, controlling their spread should be top of mind.  


Mice removal ajax
Common warning signs of a mouse problem

Mice are nocturnal creatures and excellent at hiding.  Given their habit of hiding during daytime hours and becoming active at night, this makes them hard to detect for most people.  Most often, once a few mice are spotted, there is a larger infestation problem, and spotting a mouse at daytime can be a sign of a heavy infestation. 

Here are some common Warning Signs that you have a mouse infestation:

  • Ammonia-Like Smell – Mice urine is often described as ammonia-like and given they urinate often, this smell is a good indicator of their presence. 
  • Scratching or scampering noises – Mice are mostly active at night and you will sometimes hear strange noises in your walls, ceilings, flooring, or from underneath cabinets/furniture/appliances.
  • Mouse Droppings / Feces- Resembling grains of rice (variety of colors), mouse droppings in unusual places such as the inside corner of cupboards, or along floorboards.
  • Damaged Materials / Packaging – In their pursuit of food and construction of their nests, mice cause minor damage to paper material, boxes, and plastic but they can also cause damage to drywall, ceilings, electrical wires, and beyond.

If you notice signs of mice in your home or business, our licensed pest control technicians can inspect to confirm the presence of mice, the scale of infestation, and offer effective treatment options.

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