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What do our clients say about our skunk removal service in Ajax?

We are committed to delivering outstanding service and value to our customers.  In our 25 years of service delivering rodent and pest control, as well as a wide range of wildlife and skunk removal services in Ajax, we have achieved an incredible 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

Our reviews are among the best in the business.  Here are a few examples of online customer reviews:

“You could see the guys were knowledgeable. they put the one-way door and the squirrel was out of the attic the next day. they came on time and did the work as promised. excellent service!” 

“ The raccoon was caught and removed. Ali, whom I worked with, was very knowledgeable and professional. The crew was well equipped, punctual, and maintained excellent communication throughout the process … very easy to work with. Would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing similar issues !” 

“I was having issues with raccoons. I got in contact with this company and two technicians were at my house the following day. Quick and efficient service. Got rid of the raccoons and fixed the damage on my roof. Thank-you.” 

Hire Skunk Removal Services in Ajax

Icon Pest & Wildlife Control is a proud Canadian company providing exceptional pest control and wildlife removal, including skunk removal in Ajax. Our solutions are humane, efficient, and effective. 

We have extensive knowledge of the Ontario Regulation pertaining to the wildlife trapping and understand what it takes to safely bait, trap, and remove them from your home and business.  Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, and they exceed customer expectations of quality and value time and time again. 

 If you need highly affordable and equally effective professional wildlife removal and pest control services, call ICON PEST and WILDLIFE Control today
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Skunk spray warning signs

Skunks are not naturally aggressive or violent towards humans and they will spray humans if they feel threatened or attacked.  The challenge is given their small stature, they will get scared easily.  They will provide a number of warning signs before they actually spray.  So if you have skunks in your neighborhood, it is good to know these warning signs so as to avoid getting sprayed.

Here are the main warning signs a Skunk will give as it prepares to spray you:

  • Skunks will raise their tail and shake it at you
  • Skunks will turn their back to you and point their tail ends towards you (positioning to spray in your direction) 
  • Skunks will hiss and growl 
  • Skunks will stomp their feet, step from side to side and lift their back legs up in the air while stomping (it resembles doing a handstand)  

It is never wise to startle a skunk or approach one if you spot it.  Spraying is their only defense mechanism and they will use this foul and toxic spray to keep you away.  Knowing the skunk’s warning signs is helpful and can help you protect yourself and your pets when you encounter one of these creatures. 

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Is skunk’s spray harmful for dogs?

Dogs and skunk encounters and conflicts are very common.  Here are some important things to consider as a pet owner:

  • Domesticated pets like dogs are very curious and fail to understand or read the threatening warning signs a skunk will give to signal it is about to spray its toxic fluid in your dog’s direction.  
  • Ironically, when a skunk raises its tail and waves it about, your dog may read that gesture as an invitation to approach and sniff.   
  • As your dog approaches the frightened skunk, a direct spray in the face seems inevitable.  
  • In high concentrations of the liquid spray from skunks can be harmful and deadly to dogs.  
  • Check your dog’s eyes immediately and rinse out with cold water as soon as possible
  • If your dog begins to vomit and/or has diarrhea, it is recommended to visit your local vet

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