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The Town of Ajax is a diverse and vibrant waterfront community and a unique place where people, nature, and history connect. The natural environment is essential to Ajax’s people, and Ajax is a proud Great Lakes community. There is a seven-kilometer stretch of publicly owned and maintained waterfront. Ajax has 400 hectares of open spaces and conservation areas that allow a perfect escape into nature.

This perfect blend of development and nature means wildlife is always nearby. Raccoons have adapted to live near to humans, building burrows in attics, under decks, and in garages. They search for food sources in gardens and trash cans.

It’s easy to understand how messy raccoons can be when you see a toppled-over trash can. Now imagine how messy that can be when living in your attic for a prolonged period. If you think you have a raccoon living in your home or office, it’s essential to hire a wildlife removal specialist to remove the raccoon from your property as quickly as possible.

When raccoons live in an attic, they are capable of creating a tremendous amount of property damage. The damage the raccoons make entering the home or office is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the amount of damage they create once inside. A family of raccoons can destroy your insulation and fill your attic with harmful and smelly urine and droppings.

Raccoon Removal in Ajax

How Can You Tell a Raccoon is Living in Your Home?

Raccoons are excellent climbers and have minimal difficulty reaching rooftops where they can enter attics. Having raccoons take up residence in your residence can wreak havoc on your mental wellbeing and the physical wellbeing of your home. Here are some signs that you have a raccoon living in your home.


  • Latrines – Latrines are accumulated piles of feces. Raccoons make latrines in attics of homes where they Raccoon’s wastes are similar to small or midsize dog droppings.
  • Latrines on roofs – Raccoons often leave waste on the top of If a raccoon has made it to the roof, they will usually check for “soft spots” as a way to enter your attic.
  • Attic noise – Raccoons weigh 5 – 26 kilograms, so you’ll hear them moving around. Raccoons make a great deal of noise – footsteps, snarls, They make more noise than smaller rodents (mice, squirrels), who make scratching and scurrying noises.
  • Out of Place Soffit Panel – Raccoons push aside the vinyl panels to enter attic Soffits tend to be the number one entry point for raccoons.
  • Scratch Marks on Woodwork – Often, wood posts are used to access the home’s upper You’ll see toenail scratches if the post is used regularly.
  • Roof sightings – If you see a raccoon on your roof, they are looking for access to your It’s time to call a professional to remove the raccoon and seal up all entry points.
  • Footprints in Dust – Raccoons use air conditioning ductwork as a pathway to get from one side of the attic to the
  • Insulation Trails – Raccoons follow regular pathways through insulation once they gain access to the You will see noticeable compression of the insulation. Raccoon trails are much broader than those of other smaller rodents. Raccoon trails are 25 – 30 cm wide.
Raccoon Removal in Ajax
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Icon Pest will inspect your home or business and locate all entry and exit points. We’ll also find any potential future entry points. We always take care of all your wildlife problems efficiently and ethically. Our professionals have experience dealing with wildlife infestations in homes and businesses. Act quickly and hire the right professional for raccoon removal in Ajax – Icon Pest. We understand emergencies can happen at all hours. We will give you a free quote, and you can book an appointment with Icon Pest at the time that serves you best.

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We also offer groundhog removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, and dead animal removal, in addition to raccoon removal.

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