Rat Removal in Mississauga

Rat Removal in Mississauga

Why Hire Icon Pest for Rat Removal in Mississauga

When you find rats or signs that they’re in your space, you want to know that your rat removal in Mississauga is done correctly and quickly so you can get back to comfort and peace of mind in your home or business. Icon Pest provides the best service with proven techniques for rat removal in Mississauga.


We have the necessary skills and experience to get the job done right.

  • We have decades of experience behind our proven methods of rat removal. We know what we’re doing and we do it quickly, effectively and affordably. 
  • We’ve worked with thousands of clients and listened to their concerns. Finding rats in your home or business is unnerving, uncomfortable and unsanitary. This is why we respond so quickly, scheduling your inspection within 24 hours. 
  • All areas of your home and business are inspected inside and surrounding the property. We identify all potential rat activity and access points. 
  • Our proven trapping techniques are humane, eco-friendly and highly-effective. 
  • We will identify the likely points of access responsible for your rat infestation and properly secure them using metal screens and glue to prevent future infestation. 
  • We offer regularly scheduled maintenance checks and follow-up service to ensure you never have to deal with a re-infestation. 
  • Our pricing is highly competitive and we provide straightforward, full transparency quotes. 
  • We have a 97% customer satisfaction rate after helping thousands of valued clients with their rat removal in Mississauga.

Our success is based on our core business values of quality, value and transparency.  Our decades of experience in rat removal in Mississauga will leave you feeling clean, secure at peace again in your home or business.

Rat Removal in Mississauga
Prevent Reinfestation After Rat Removal in Mississauga

Prevent Reinfestation After Rat Removal in Mississauga

After our successful rat removal from your home or business in Mississauga, your Icon Pest professional will inspect and seal any entry points that rats may have used to get in. However, this is only the initial step. You can additionally take other measures to prevent reinvasion:

  • House cleaning
    Although proper sanitation and housekeeping won’t always prevent rodents from entering your home, it’s the best and easiest first step. Many infestations can be prevented by implementing effective sanitation and hygiene practices. One of the easiest ways to keep food out of reach of these pests is by keeping it in air-tight containers or in the fridge. Also, make sure that doors and windows are closed or have properly secured metal screens. 
  • Look out for additional entry points
    Always keep an eye out for any possible access points for these pests. Icon Pest will have sealed any entry points that were available to the rats at that time, but that doesn’t mean more won’t pop up in the future. Look for small holes, cracks, and other openings and seal as best as possible using metal screen and glue. 

Maintain your property
Never leave containers, garden waste, or firewood outside your home, as these are ideal nesting areas for rats. Also, make sure that all garbage can lids are in place and secure. Keep in mind that keeping trash and other junk in your yard is not ideal as rats readily inhabit these areas and then make their way into your home when they see the opportunity.

Disinfecting After Your Rat Removal in Mississauga

To help reduce your risk of contracting diseases or viruses, you need to take precaution when cleaning up after your rat removal in Mississauga.

To prepare:

  • Buy new disinfectant spray to ensure proper strength or make your own solution using 1 part bleach to 9 parts water.
  • Buy rubber or plastic gloves. Because breathing in dried rat feces can also transmit diseases, you may want to wear a mask.
  • Open windows and doors for 30 minutes before cleaning to ensure proper ventilation, vacating the area while it airs out. 

Your Icon Pest professional will have humanely removed any rats from your home or business, and they can tell you where the heavy rat traffic was. You need to promptly remove all urine, feces, and nesting materials from these areas.

To clean:

Step 1: Put on new rubber or plastic gloves.

Step 2: Spray urine and droppings with your new disinfectant or bleach solution. You should let the feces soak in this solution for 5 minutes. Spray all countertops, cabinets and drawers.

Step 3: Once everything has sat for the proper time, clean the solution using paper towels. This way you can dispose of them immediately after use and not further contaminate other spaces.

Step 4: Go over the area again with a mop or sponge and your preferred disinfectant. 

Step 5: Throw any contaminated items that you don’t need to keep. Porous, or items that can’t be washed like paper or cardboard should not be kept.

Step 6: Throw all contaminated paper towels and trash in an outside trash bin with a secure lid.

Step 7: With your gloves still on, wash your hands in disinfectant.

Step 8: After removing your gloves, wash your hands again with soap and warm water.

Now you have property cleaned after your rat removal in Mississauga.

Disinfecting After Your Rat Removal in Mississauga

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