Raccoon Removal Mississauga

Raccoons can cause a lot of damage to your business or residence. Here are two quick ways to find out if a racoon is present:

  1. Smell: Racoons leave feces and other wastes. This has a certain scent that is quite distinguishable;
  2. Sounds: If you hear certain scratching sounds, or even baby sounds (if there are babies) making tiny moans – then you might have racoons!

    There are of course other signs, such as: visible waste, raccoon sightings, etc. But the above are the common ways. Our company can give you a free inspection to see if there are any racoons living in your area. 

Is racoon removal Mississauga worth it?

Raccoons can cause a lot of mess and problems. The most expensive repairs are when they damage the HVAC and electrical systems in your facility and/or cause mold. These two damages typically start from $1000 to repair (from Mold removal companies, and/or HVAC and Electrical repair companies). 

We can help you with racoon removal in Mississauga

Our experienced racoon removal specialists are right around the corner. When you give us a call, we will send someone over to inspect your facility. They will help identify areas where they are coming in. 

Testimonials on our racoon removal services in Mississauga

“During last summer, one of our neighbours kept seeing a racoon visit our house at night. Shortly after these sightings, we noticed a certain scent coming from our backyard. We called Icon Pest racoon removal Mississauga for a free inspection. They came by and they showed us evidence of racoons: there were scratches underneath the patio deck. They set up a barrier for us, that would stop the racoons from coming. Ever since then, our neighbours have not seen raccoon sightings.”
-David U.

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