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Why you should hire Icon Pest for skunk removal in Mississauga

When you are looking for affordable, fast, and effective skunk removal in Mississauga, Icon Pest can be your trusted partner.  

Our approach is humane and effective.   Using baited traps to capture skunks and proper relocation techniques, you can trust Icon Pest to handle your concerns in a professional and cost-effective way.  Our comprehensive service packages include:

  • Full inspection of your home and exterior property
  • Tracking, trapping and relocation service
  • Essential prevention tasks to protect against future skunk entry by sealing up entry and exit points used by skunks and other wildlife
  • Ongoing monitoring and management if desired 

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Skunk Removal Mississauga

Icon Pest is your leading Pest Control & Wildlife Control partner.  With 25 years of field experience, we can help you with a wide variety of wildlife control and pest management services.   We provide services to hundreds of satisfied residential, commercial and industrial clients across the Greater Toronto Area, including skunk removal services in Mississauga. 

Skunks are very common in Canada. Like other pests and wildlife (like raccoons or rats), the primary motivation of skunks is to find easy, reliable access to food, along with shelter from their predators by finding comfort under sheds, porches, decks and other secluded areas.

As a homeowner, you need to be on guard for skunk intrusions.  If skunks discover food scraps or things like pet food in and around your home, they will seize the opportunity to set up their residence.  Your lawn is also a supply of worms and grubs for skunks to dig up and consume.   Additionally, skunks carry an array of viruses that can be transmitted to your and your pets.   

If you are faced with skunk and other intrusive wildlife or pests, contact Icon Pest & Wildlife (647) 325 9060 to learn about our humane, effective and affordable services.

Skunk prevention 

It is always easier to prevent skunks from setting up dens on your property than it is to remove them once they have.   There are some easy preventative steps you can take to protect your property:  

  • Storage sheds and garage doors should be closed, especially overnight. 
  • Garbage and compost bins should be kept inside your garage or other indoor space until garbage pickup day.  
  • Once the garbage is placed outside, secured lids that are not easily opened (when knocked over) should be used.
  • Use repellents on your garbage bins and outdoor garbage 
  • Pet feeding dishes and outside food scraps should be cleared nightly
  • Block fence openings and crawl spaces 

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Protecting your home and business from skunk intrusion 

Before skunks get comfortable and set up their dens on your property, there are a few things you can do as a property owner to discourage them.

  1. Restrict Access to Food:  Maintaining a clean and food-free home exterior is your first line of defense.  Food left outside, be it your pet food, bird feed or unclean food scraps surrounding your outdoor BBQ, is a major attractant for skunks and other wildlife.  
  2. Grub Control:  Skunks eat grubs living in your lawns so a grub-free lawn is a good step in the right direction.  Skunks have a keen sense of hearing for grub activity under the soil surface of your lawn and will dig up your lawn to catch and feed on grubs.  Good gardening practices to limit grubs is quite helpful.  Your local garden centre or your landscaping company can either provide you with the right garden chemicals or maintenance service to help you achieve a grub-free lawn and backyard. 
  3. Good Fencing:  The old adage ‘good fences make good neighbours’ applies to skunks as well.  A properly fenced outdoor space is an effective deterrent against unwanted wildlife including skunks.  Skunks are poor climbers, seldom climb over fences and if you are diligent in blocking open spaces underneath fences, skunks are unlikely to fight much harder to get in. 
  4. Use Repellents:  Traditional skunk repellents such as cat litter, capsaicin (found in chili powder) or castor oil may be good repellents to use around garbage bins and require little effort.  However, most homeowners find it difficult or undesirable to apply these methods to their entire outdoor spaces. 
  5. Disturb their Dens:  If you discover a female skunk has set up a den on your property, you can disturb the den to signal that it is ‘unsafe’ for habitat.  You can do this by inserting straw or other foliage at the den opening, hoping the skunk gets the message and moves on.  

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