Raccoon Removal Aurora

Icon Pest is a leading raccoon removal company in the GTA. We make sure that raccoons are removed from your property in a quick but humane way. If you find unwelcome guests in your house or office, call us today for a free inspection. The professionals at Icon Pest are here to help you. We offer residential and commercial services. 

How can Icon Pest help you with raccoon removal in Aurora?

  • Inspection: We provide a thorough inspection of your property
  • Customer call center: We have a 24 hour on call free estimate 
  • Removal: We will come up with a cost friendly raccoon removal plan

Why should you hire professionals for raccoon removal?

It is crucial to leave raccoon removal to the professionals. Raccoons can cause a lot of damage to your property. In addition to that, raccoons often carry diseases that are harmful to our health. We at Icon Pest are trained to remove raccoons from your home and understand how they got into your place in the first place. Our employees are experts that have been trained and certified with many years of experience.

Raccoon removal aurora
How can you tell if there is a raccoon in your home?
  • Noises: Do you hear a noise in your attic or chimney? Raccoons also might be found in trash cans or garbage bins. Also, if you begin to hear noises under your deck, you might have a raccoon problem. 
  • Odours: Do you smell feces or other wastes that seem to come from an animal like a raccoon? If so, there might be raccoons in your home.

What kind of damage can raccoons cause? 

Unfortunately, raccoons can damage many parts of your property such as pipes, vents, and much more. They are strong enough to chew on wires and tear things apart. This can lead to very expensive repairs to your home that can be avoided if you call Icon Pest, a professional raccoon removal service in Aurora along with additional areas in the Greater Toronto Area.

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