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Raccoon and wildlife removal is our speciality at Icon Pest. Leave removing unwanted animals from your home to the professionals. If you live or work in Woodbridge and discovered there is a raccoon in your house or office, call us today for a free quote. 

What do you need to know about raccoons? 

Raccoons are carriers of diseases that can be hurtful to the health of your children and pets. These animals are aggressive and have strong nails that might wreak havoc on your property. This is why it’s necessary to get them removed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, raccoons might cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

Why should you hire Icon Pest for raccoon removal?

We have experts who are trained and certified in removing raccoons and other wildlife from residences and commercial buildings. Our employees are professionals with the necessary education and experience to deal with raccoons in a fast but ethical manner. We also want to safeguard your home from pests. As such, we will install traps that won’t harm any animals but enables raccoons to escape from your place without being able to get back inside.

Raccoon Removal in Woodbridge
What are the signs of a raccoon?

Although raccoons can make a noise or sound, don’t solely rely on hearing noises to detect whether there is a raccoon in your home. This is because sometimes they can be silent and quiet. Therefore, look for signs of damage like chewed wiring or torn materials. Also, the odours in their urine and feces can be another sign there are raccoons that have  entered your house.

How should you deal with raccoons?
  • Sealed containers: Ensure lids on your trash cans and garbage bins are tight and secure. Raccoons have the ability to get inside small and large bins and cans. 
  • Call a professional raccoon removal service: It is not recommended that you try to remove raccoons by yourself, especially if you are not aware of local laws and regulations.
  • Install protective measures around points of entry in your house: Icon Pest can do this for you to protect your property from future invasions.

If you suspect you have a raccoon problem in Woodbridge or in other cities in the GTA, be sure to call in a professional wildlife removal company. At Icon Pest, we have professionals who are able to identity where raccoons are entering your property and know how to prevent these pests from coming inside ever again.

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