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Raccoon Problems in Scarborough

Are you finding yourself in need of raccoon removal in Scarborough? We understand how overwhelming it can be to spot these furry little creatures taking up residence in your home or business, and that’s why Icon Pest is here to help. We have been providing the Scarborough area with top-notch wildlife removal services for years, so you can trust us to take care of your needs quickly and effectively.

At Icon Pest, we view ourselves as part of the Scarborough community. We want to make sure that every homeowner and business owner feels safe and secure, free from any unwanted animal visitors. Whether it’s raccoons or another type of critter, we will work diligently to remove them safely and humanely. With our experience and expertise, we guarantee that your home will be raccoon-free in no time.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel at ease on their own property, which is why we strive to provide superior raccoon removal services to the Scarborough area. Our team of highly skilled professionals will go above and beyond to make sure that all of your concerns are taken care of quickly and effectively. So don’t wait any longer—let Icon Pest handle your raccoon removal needs today.

Raccoons Can Be Dangerous

Raccoons are a common sight in Scarborough, but they can be more than just a nuisance. If left unchecked, raccoons can cause serious damage to homes and businesses. That’s why it’s important to understand the different ways of dealing with these pests. With the right knowledge and tools, raccoons can be quickly and humanely removed from your property in Scarborough.

At Icon Pest, we provide professional raccoon control services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team will take the time to assess the situation and find the best solution. We’ll also discuss any potential risks associated with the removal process, so that you’re fully informed about what to expect before we start to work.

We use a variety of methods for raccoon removal in Scarborough, including trapping, exclusion barriers, and live-trapping followed by relocation. For each job, we do our best to ensure that all efforts are humane and non-invasive, no matter what method is used for the removal process.

Our team understands how important it is for homeowners and business owners to protect their property from these pesky critters. We strive to make sure all of our work is done efficiently and safely, so that all involved parties can rest easy knowing their home or business is free of any unwanted animal visitors.

Raccoon Problems Inside

Raccoons can be a nuisance inside your home or business as well. They often enter through open windows, doors, and vents, or even through roofs, attics, and chimneys. They can cause damage to walls and insulation, chew on electrical wires, and make a big mess.

Removing raccoons from inside a building is not an easy task. It requires patience, knowledge, and the right tools. It is always advisable to hire a reputable company to solve the issue. As their feces are toxic to people and pets, it is important not to touch their filth or breathe in the air around it. DIY racoon removal is not advised for this reason.

At Icon Pest, we understand that removing raccoons from your home can be stressful and intimidating. That’s why we provide safe, humane solutions that will get the job done quickly and effectively. We use specialized trapping techniques to ensure that no harm comes to any animals living in or around your property. In addition, our experts will inspect your attic or other areas of entry for signs of raccoon activity, so that we can eliminate any potential hiding spots for them in the future.

We also provide advice on how to keep raccoons away from your property in the future, from sealing up potential entry points around your house to using deterrents to discourage them from coming back again. With our help, you can be sure that all raccoons have been removed from inside your home or business safely and efficiently.

Raccoon Problems Elsewhere on the Property

Raccoons don’t just cause trouble in an attic or chimney—they can cause a variety of issues elsewhere on your property. From damaging roofs to digging up gardens and eating pet food or garbage, raccoons can wreak havoc in many outdoor areas.

Here are a few of the common problems you can expect to face when dealing with raccoons:
Damaged roofing: Raccoons are strong climbers and will often damage roof shingles while trying to gain access to your property.

  • Digging: The animals may dig holes in yards or gardens, scattering debris and destroying plants.
  • Eating pet food: Raccoons are omnivores, so they’ll eat anything from garbage to birdseed. If you leave any pet food out overnight, it could become an easy meal for a raccoon.
  • Feces contamination: Raccoon droppings can contain parasites that are harmful to humans and pets, so it’s important to remove them from your property as soon as possible.

At Icon Pest, we understand how frustrating raccoon problems can be. We provide humane, effective services for raccoon removal so you don’t have to worry about these pests on your property any longer. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in raccoon removal. Basically, we know how to get rid of raccoons, so you know that we’ll get the job done right the first time.

We understand that having wildlife on your property is an unwelcome intrusion, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. With our help, you can reclaim your space and enjoy peace of mind knowing that those pesky raccoons won’t be causing any more trouble . Contact us today for more information about our services.

Our Process

At Icon Pest, we understand that raccoons can be a nuisance for homeowners and business owners in Scarborough. That’s why our professional technicians have the experience and knowledge to safely remove them from your property.

We take an integrated approach to raccoon removal. Before taking any action, our team carefully looks at the situation to make sure that our clients will get the best result possible. We use humane methods to trap raccoons and relocate them away from your property. Our goal is to ensure that they don’t return or cause further damage.

Our process is designed with safety in mind: we use specialized tools and techniques to protect both you and the animal while ensuring a successful removal. We know that wildlife can be unpredictable, so our team is trained to handle all types of animals, including raccoons.

At Icon Pest, we try to help Scarborough homeowners and business owners who are having trouble with raccoons on their property in a way that doesn’t cause them stress. Years of experience and fast, efficient service are what make us stand out from the competition. You can trust us to handle your raccoon removal quickly and professionally so that you can go back to focusing on what matters most, which is enjoying your home or running a successful business in Scarborough.

Let Icon Pest Make Raccoons a Problem of the Past

Eliminating raccoons from your Scarborough property is no easy task. We understand the frustrations of dealing with these furry creatures and how they can cause a lot of damage to your property. That’s why our team at Icon Pest works tirelessly to ensure that your raccoon problem is taken care of in the most humane way possible.

Our process involves trapping the animals, removing them from the area, and releasing them into safe areas away from people. We take every precaution necessary to ensure that no harm comes to any of the animals, or to your home or business. We also provide tips and advice on how to prevent future raccoon problems.

You don’t have to handle raccoon removal alone; let us help you get rid of these unwanted animal guests quickly and effectively. Our team has years of experience in humanely removing wildlife pests, so you can rest assured knowing that we’ll take care of everything for you in a safe and effective manner. Contact us today for more information about our raccoon removal services in Scarborough.

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