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Effective Raccoon Removal in Scarborough

Raccoons might look cute and lovable, but they are not. These common garden and home pests are carriers of diseases and can wreak havoc in your garden and home. That is why you should not think twice about using a professional for raccoon removal in Scarborough. Such a professional will ensure that these pests are humanely removed from your property so that they cannot cause further damage.

While you can find out raccoon removal price and accordingly hire a professional, there are a few things that you can do to minimize these mammals from nesting in your property.

Don’t Leave Food Outside – Discourse Raccoons from coming to you!

Keep trash in protective containers because raccoons show up in a property when they know they can get easy access to food. If you have the habit of keeping your trash cans outside, consider bringing them into the garage. Households with no garage can invest in raccoon-proof trash containers that make it hard for raccoons to gain access to the trash.

Don’t leave food outside if you have hosted a backyard barbeque that ran late into the night. No matter how tired you are, make an effort to clean up and bring the leftovers inside. If you do leave behind food, chances are high that the neighborhood raccoons might visit your backyard and settle there.

You can reduce the possibilities of raccoons setting up home in your property by cleaning up any food outside. This includes cleaning BBQ grills and any pet food that you may have left outside.

Say No to Two-Way Doors

Families are busier than ever these days. Installing a kitty or doggy door for your pets lets them go in and out as they please so you don’t have to worry about letting them out. However, these doors are entry points for raccoons.

If you have installed such a door, you should consider raccoon removal in Scarborough to eliminate any raccoon that has made itself comfortable in your home.

Check the Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are another area in homes that raccoons love. Any hole within the crawl space is often an open invitation to raccoons. Getting into a crawlspace to fix holes isn’t ideal, but neither is finding a raccoon in your home.

Contact Icon Pest Today!

For a clear and thorough assessment, get in touch with Icon Pest. You will enjoy peace of mind with their tried and tested methods of raccoon removal in Scarborough which is also affordable and humane.

Fix Holes in Your Attic

If you have got holes in your attic, raccoons don’t need an invitation. They will look for shelter in winter and these holes offer them the perfect opportunity. Make it a point to check your attic space at least once or twice a year to find and fix weak spots.

If you believe you have a raccoon infestation, you may want to get professionals, like Icon Pest, to get rid of the raccoons living in the attic.

Hire Professional Services for Raccoon removal in Scarborough

Even if you do everything to keep your property raccoon-free, you may still find an unwelcome guest. That is when you’ll need to approach professional raccoon removal services. When hiring a professional wildlife control service, you may want to check first whether the service is experienced in raccoon removal as all such services may not specialize in it.

The service should have trained and licensed professionals, who excel in raccoon removal. It should also have the right tools, equipment, and protective gear to carry out the process.

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