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The population of raccoons is exploding in the Greater Toronto Area and it has become the major pest that is harming the properties and destroying the peace of mind of many residents. No wonder, Toronto has a high demand for raccoon removal services. If these annoying creatures are giving you sleepless nights and also spreading unwanted diseases, give us a call at Icon Pest for raccoon removal in Toronto and we will take care of the rest. Our experts inspect every corner of your property and also identify the entry and exit points of the raccoons.

Raccoons thrive very well among the company of human beings and it can be tough to get rid of them. Icon Pest conducts a thorough inspection of the house, including the attic to find a dead raccoon in attic. We follow some simple steps for raccoon removal from attic or under the deck. We install a trap which allows raccoons to escape out of the roof while not allowing them to get back into with a one-way door trap. We also do a full inspection of your property & secure points which could be prone to future break-ins.

Raccoons have an ability to open small and large containers and climb houses and find ways to get into the house. The raccoons are in plenty in Toronto, because of the lack of natural predators and hence, they multiply in large numbers. It is estimated that over 100 raccoons live in every square kilometre area.

Where do raccoons stay in the house?

Raccoons are usually found in attics, garages, and chimneys, and also trash bins. If they like it there, they will probably never move out and become permanent residents over there. It becomes a huge challenge to get rid of them and protect your property against the damages that they can cause. When you call Icon Pest to your rescue, we conduct a detailed inspection of your residential or commercial property. Icon Pest has been helping homeowners and businesses in the Greater Toronto region overcome the problem caused by this nuisance wildlife.

It is prudent to remember that raccoon removal from attic and other places should only be done by a professional because they know how to handle this creature and will guarantee its removal.

For safe and prompt raccoon removal in Toronto, just give us a call at Icon Pest immediately so that we can take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Some of the most common questions that our customers ask are:

When is the mating season for raccoons?

Just like any other rodents, there is no exact mating time for the raccoons, but they usually give birth between March and August. Raccoons give birth to 6 to 8 babies at a time.

If you suspect raccoon babies in your house then they have to be removed physically. Experts like Icon Pest remove the babies from chimneys, attics, under the deck and garages to reunite them with the mother. These babies are placed in a box and left at the entry point and when the mother comes to feed them, all of them are removed and transported to a safe place.

To ensure safe, prompt, and ethical raccoon removal in Toronto and the surrounding areas from your home or workplace, get in touch with Icon Pest at (647) 325-9060. We will make your property raccoon-free with our humane and specialized techniques.

Contact Icon Pest at (647) 325-9060, for a raccoon removal job quote anywhere in Greater Toronto Area.

What kind of animals are raccoons?

Raccoons are basically rodents and are related to the rat family. They are very intelligent and curious creatures. They are experts in opening containers, refrigerators and cabinets, and they will do anything to access food. They also have a great memory power and once they decipher something, they remember it for long periods of time.

How do raccoons damage the house?

Raccoons damage whatever comes their way including shingles, roofs, vents, pipes, and everything that is obstructing them from getting into the attic. They have strong nails and they rip and tear chimney covers and damage lattices if they have to enter beneath the deck or shed. They cause several structural damages and also chew wires. Apart from the damage, they carry diseases; and their feces carry roundworms which can wreak havoc with your health.

What do raccoons feed on?

Raccoons eat almost everything, from vegetables to meat products and fruits, and anything that is edible. They also feed on other mice and rats present in the surrounding. The raccoons that live in Toronto use dumpsters as their feeding ground. They also favor pet food that is left outdoors in bowls. They also have a huge appetite and eat very frequently.

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