Dead Animal Removal in Richmond Hill

Dead Animal Removal in
Richmond Hill

We create a customized treatment plan for each customer so that we can provide effective and efficient dead animal removal services. We have specialized equipment like cameras that bend and can reach small spaces to locate the dead animal. We will also remove the animal’s carcass with minimal damage to your home and property. We cut the wall only when we are unable to access the corpse. Should we do this, we will fix the wall for you after safely removing the dead animal. Let our trained and qualified professionals handle dead animal removal and pick-up so that you do not risk your health or safety.

All living things die, including, of course, animals in the wild. Some animals die from natural causes, some are injured, and some will get sick. Most injured or ill animals will find a quiet, dark place to die. If the animal is very sick or too injured to keep going, it will die where ever it is at the time. If an animal dies on your property, in your home, or at your office, it is best to hire a professional to remove the dead animal, like Icon Pest.

Dead Animal Removal in Richmond Hill
Why Should You Remove Dead Animals Immediately?

Why Should You Remove Dead Animals Immediately?

If you find a dead animal in your home, yard, or office, or if a foul smell has led you to believe there is a dead animal nearby, you must call a professional like Icon Pest. When a dead animal begins to decompose, it can cause a pungent smell. The smell is gross, but it will attract pests like flies, beetles, mites, and moths. Also, larvae can start feeding on the dead animal’s body. Keeping other problems at bay is an excellent reason for you to call a professional in dead animal removal immediately.

Dead animal bodies can spread disease to your pets and your family. Dead animals can carry rabies or have worms, which can be very dangerous to other living things, including humans. These are hazardous issues, so you must hire a professional, like Icon Pest, to remove dead animals.

Why Hire a Professional In Dead Animal Removal?

There are several reasons why you should stay far away from the dead animal body and leave the job to a professional service.

Most homeowners don’t understand how precarious it can be to handle a dead animal. They can carry serious diseases transmitted to you if you don’t handle the body with care. A professional in dead animal removal has the necessary equipment to get the animal out of your home or office. They also know that it is critical to get the dead animal out without causing harm to your home or office.

If there is a dead animal in your home or office, but you can’t locate it, you will need to hire a professional dead animal removal service. Professionals understand the behaviour patterns of various wild animals. They can also identify animal tracks to show them where the dead animal is. Often a dead animal cannot be located by smell alone. It takes the expertise of a professional to figure out where the animal died so we can remove it.

If the animal died within your walls, it is difficult to know which wall the animal is behind. 

Attempting to find the dead animals yourself, you could damage many walls before locating the body. Professionals have the knowledge and the tools necessary to find the wall where the dead animal is, which damages the least amount of property.

Once Icon Pest has found the dead animal, we have the knowledge and equipment to remove the animal safely.

The body needs to be disposed of when the animal has been located and removed from the property. Many people think they can just bury the dead animal in their backyard, but this is a bad idea. If you don’t buy the carcass deep enough under the ground, other animals will come along and dig it up. 

When you hire a professional like Icon Pest, we dispose of the animal carcass in a sanitary, legal way. We will remove the dead animal from your property for good and won’t cause any future problems.

What To Do After the Dead Animal Has Been Removed

After Icon Pest locates and removes the dead animal, the work is not done. You are going to need to clean and sanitize the area thoroughly. This helps get rid of the horrible smell, and it will prevent any disease from spreading around the area.

If Icon Pest located the dead animal in your basement, attic, or walls, you need to seal off the entry point. Icon Pest can help! If an animal managed to enter your home or office once, you could assume that other animals would enter through the same point. Check all potential entry points and seal them off. Areas that need repairing include:

  • Caulk any openings in the foundation
  • Add mesh wiring to the opening of your chimney
  • Replace any broken windows or screens
  • Buy outdoor trash cans with tightly fitted lids
  • Remove all debris from your yard
  • Remove all clutter from your basement and attic

After you seal off all access points to your home or office, you won’t need to worry about animals entering your home or office and dying.

Removing dead animals should not be a DIY job. Most people don’t have the know-how or skill to safely get a dead animal carcass out of the home and dispose of it properly. Icon Pest technicians are trained to remove dead animals from your home or yard. If you have a dead animal in your home, you should leave the job to the professionals.

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What To Do After the Dead Animal Has Been Removed

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